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Smackdown Live Review (April 24, 2018)


With the Superstar shake-up over and new faces on Smackdown Live, let’s take a look at what went down of the latest episode of Smackdown Live. The fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming feuds and the Greatest Royal Rumble.

The Miz TV is Back

With the Miz back on Team Blue, the Miz TV was back on the air. The Miz in his usual egotistic self-proclaimed that with him the A-list Superstar back on Team Blue. It is now the A show.

The Miz announced his guest to be none other than Daniel Bryan. He also remarked that Daniel was the man who threatened to punch him in the face. He also vowed to win back the Intercontinental championship belt this Friday.

The Miz continued his rant on Daniel by saying Daniel still holds a grudge against the Miz after that Talking Smack episode. He also mocked Daniel being a father by saying being a father changed the Miz’s life but it didn’t change Daniel’s life.

During this rant, Big Cass’s music hit and the 7 footer all suited up made his way to the ring. Big Cass told the Miz he was missing a guest and nobody cared for Daniel so he was taking his place. Cass stated that his animosity towards Daniel is because he too was cleared to wrestle on the same day as Bryan but did not receive the same reaction from the fans.

By the end of the interview, the Miz and Big Cass sorted formed a unity because of their shared hatred for Daniel Bryan.

Who attacked Daniel Bryan?

After the Miz TV segment, we cut to backstage where we see Asuka and Becky Lynch making their way to the ring for their match only to run into paramedics tending to a fallen and hurt Daniel Bryan.

Becky Lynch and Asuka vs The IIconics

Before the match began, the IIconics cut a promo on being better than Becky, Charlotte, and Asuka.

After the promo, Asuka and Billie started the match with locks and quite a few impressive reversals. Both Becky and Asuka were on top during the match and looked really strong against the NXT women.

Mid-match the NXT women showed some amazing teamwork while tagging in and out.  Near the end of the match, a miscommunication led to Becky bumping into Asuka. The match ended with Peyton pinning Becky with her feet on the ropes as leverage.

AJ vs Nakamura in Three Days

A backstage segment showed Renee waiting outside Shane’s office to get an update on Daniel’s condition. Soon AJ emerged from the office looking very happy. When asked why he answered that he was getting his hands on Nakamura in three days.

We soon find out that AJ will be teaming up with his Bullet Club members Gallows and Anderson to face Nakamura, Rusev and Aiden English.

We also see a video package showing the soon to debut Andrade “Cien” Almas.

Jimmy Uso vs Erick Rowan

The match started as any Uso match would, fast-paced and full of action. This match was a good example of fast meeting hard. Jimmy was fast with kicks and speed while Rowan was hard with punches and tosses.

Near the end of the match that looked like the Usos were going to lose, Naomi’s music hit and she came out doing her normal entrance routine. This distracted the Bludgeon Brother’s enough for Jimmy to get the pin on Rowan and get the win.

Carmella and Charlotte’s Contract Signing

Carmella came down to the ring and started ranting about how she didn’t get a standing ovation during her Mella-bration. She then played a video package of her achievements and threatened to keep playing it until the audience gave her what she wanted. The fans didn’t and out came Charlotte.

While Charlotte sat opposite Carmella, she mocked and tease the former champion with the belt. After the two sat down, Charlotte signed the contract with a “Woo” to the audience while Carmella tried to get a cheap shot.

Charlotte blocked, slammed Carmella’s face into the desk and then flipped the desk onto her before walking out.

Shelton Benjamin vs Randy Orton

Before the match started the fans thought the match was going to be Shelton vs the United States Champion Jeff Hardy. But as a throwback to last week When Orton came out to face Shelton but Jeff came out after and had the match.

Jeff stood on the side as Orton walked by and started the match. The match was good with both men getting in a good offense and strong defense. The match was booked strong showing just how athletic and the kind of ring awareness both men veterans have.

Shelton was able to counter and get out of the RKO every time Randy set it up. Near the end of the match, a masked man came and attacked Jeff who was at ringside. Randy caught and unmasked him to find it to be Sunil Singh.

Unfortunately, this distraction was enough for Shelton to get the pin on Orton.

A video package for the arrival of SAnitY is shown.

We are given an update on Daniel Bryan who says he was attacked by Big Cass and will face him at Backlash.

Joe cuts a promo on Rollins and Balor and also promises to decimate Reigns at Backlash.

AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, and Aiden English

The main event saw the Bullet Club reunite with AJ facing off against Nakamura, Rusev, and Aiden in a six-man Tag Team match.

The best match of the night with the Bullet Club looking just as strong as they were in NJPW. The Chemistry between the Bullet Club was spot on and the match was incredible. The match featured a good amount of spots and moves.

All the men were given a chance to shine and enough time to show off their moves. Nakamura got a blind tag and hit Gallows with Kinshasa for the pin.

Post-match AJ went after Nakamura who did what he’s been doing and hit AJ with a low blow and set him up for the Kinshasa but Gallows saved Styles from it. As both AJ and Gallows were down Nakamura taunted both by hitting Anderson with Kinshasa.

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