Monday Night Raw Review

Updated on: Apr 27, 2018 5:48 pm IST

  • Post Wrestlemania 34 and the Superstar shakeup and now on our way to the Greatest Royal Rumble. With the superstars on different rosters and a few NXT call-ups on the main roster. Now with the dust settled we can finally go back to the usual programme and see what feuds the WWE is planning for its wrestlers.

    10-bell salute to Bruno Sammartino


    The show began by paying tribute and respect to the life and achievements of the ‘Godfather of Wrestling’ and WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino. The audience was asked to stand while the 10 bell salute ran out.

    The Beast emerges


    After the heart touching tribute, the Beast himself and his advocate came out. “Brock Lesnar does not gloat, Brock Lesnar conquers – Paul Heyman gloats all night long” said by Paul Heyman sums up Brocks entire Universal Championship run.

    Paul spoke about Brock and Roman’s upcoming match at the Greatest Royal Rumble. He addressed the fact that the cage stipulation was added by Brock and not Roman who only asked for the rematch.

    After a few more statements and rants Roman came out. Reigns said that he’ll be coming home with the Universal Championship.

    Elias vs Bobby Roode


    As usual, Elias came out to do his concert but was interrupted before he could even start by the Glorious One, Bobby Roode.

    The match was quite good with Roode being in control at first but Elias got the upper hand later on. The match was won by Elias after hitting The Drifter for the pinfall.

    The Deleter Of Worlds vs The Ascension


    After a promo by The Deleter Of Worlds, the duo came out to face The Ascension. While the commentary team focused on whether the Woken ones can face the Bar, the Woken Ones showed they can by putting on an impressive match.

    From the get-go, Matt and Bray were in control of the match. The match ended with a team Twist of Fate for the pinfall.

    The Sami & Kevin Show


    Since the Miz is now back on Smackdown Live, the Miz show was replaced by The Sami & Kevin Show. The duo started by speaking about losing the Miz and how Stephanie McMahon handpicked them for Monday Night Raw.

    The duo performed their version of the ‘You suck’ song, talked about being involved in a Smackdown Live conspiracy. Angle announced that he, Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho will be in the Greatest Royal Rumble match.

    Before leaving Kurt booked a match for Sami and Owens against Bobby Lashley and Braun Stroman.

    A New Shield?


    Now leaderless the Miztourage, Axel, and Dallas tried talking to Seth Rollins about forming a new Shield. Seth said “No!”

    New Bullet Club members?


    After being rejected by Seth in forming a new Sheild, Axel and Dallas try to join the Bullet club with Finn Balor. He too rejected the idea in another hilarious segment.

    Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs Titus Worldwide


    After making a return to Raw with former NXT champion Dolph and Drew made quick work of Titus Worldwide. They too had a team finisher as Woken Matt and Bray. It was epic to see.

    Chad Gable vs Jinder Mahal


    After a funny encounter backstage that had Jinder mistakenly call Chad Gable Nicholas from Wrestlemania 34 lead to a match between the two.

    The match started in Jinder’s favor with an interference from Singh. Chad is still in his babyface persona from Smackdown Live. Though the match saw Jinder on top for its majority, the match ended with Chad getting a surprise victory over the Modern Day Maharaja.

    The Riot Squad spoke about winning the upcoming 10 woman Tag Team match and how they were going to dominate the match as well as the Raw’s women’s division.

    Samoa Joe cut a promo via a video call on his match with Roman at Backlash.

    Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens


    The match as predicted, was one-sided, as Strowman and Lashley completely annihilated Zayn and Owens. After a relatively short match, Strowman and Lashley won the match.

    The Lone Wolf is Here


    Baron Corbin was set to face No Way Jose in a one on one match. No Way came out with a conga line while enjoying himself. Baron came out an ordered the conga line to be sent backstage as they will cause a distraction to his match.

    As the line went backstage No Way followed only to get run over by Baron who continued to brutalize him on the ramp.  After a chokeslam turned into a bbackbreaker Baron stood tall over No Way Jose.

    Seth Rollins and Finn Balor vs Axel and Dallas


    After the hilarious backstage segments where Axel and Dallas failed to get to team up with Seth and Finn, the four men faced off in a Tag Team match.

    Even though Axel and Dallas are now leaderless with the Miz on Smackdown Live. They still call themselves the Miztourage. The duo did show some great teamwork throughout the match.

    After an entertaining match, Finn and Seth scored the victory.

    The 10-Woman Tag Team Match


    The main event of the night saw a 10 woman Tag Team match with Alexa, Mickie and the Riott Squad facing Bayley, Ember Moon, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

    The match was really great, with all the women showing off some really good moves and all getting equal time to shine in ring. The heel team were in control building up to the eventual hot tag.

    The match continued with a good back and forth from Natalya and Mickie. The crowd popped when Nia got into the match.

    Near the end Mickie got a cheap shot on Natalya after which Ronda Rousey’s music hit and the former UFC champion stormed down to the ring. Mickie thinking she can get another cheap shot on

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