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Ludo Rules: History, Ludo Game Rules, How to Play Ludo Online, Best Ludo Game, Ludo King for PC

Ludo Rules Overview: A ludo board is square with a cross pattern. The traditional ludo board consists of four compartments in different colors. Coins and dice are used to navigate the board and the player who reaches home first is the winner. The ludo game can be played with friends or family or online.

  1. Ludo History
    Ludo is a game for children that came into being in the Victorian ages. Ludo is based on the ancient Indian Pachisi game. There are several variants of Pachisi played globally, including Parcheesi from USA and Parchis from Spain. Ludo rules are not unfamiliar among kids and family, and the game is as old as the 6th century. Ludo rules are quite simple and the game may be played by two to four players.
  2. Basic Ludo Rules, How is the Ludo Game Board organized?
    Let’s start with ludo game rules now. The home column runs along the middle squares of the four colors. The middle portion of the cross is a large square that forms the “home” area on the ludo board. This home area is divided into four triangles of four different colors. Each of the four corners has four different colored circles that mark the start of the game. The game starts when counters are placed adjacent to the starting circle. The movement of the counter is determined by the movement directed by the number thrown on the dice.

  3. How players take turns in ludo game
    The turns that players take are in clockwise order. The game begins with the highest number thrown with the dice. After throwing the dice, players move pieces in the clockwise direction all around the track based on the number thrown on the dice. When there is no way a player can move a piece, the next player takes the turn. The player decides which piece is to be moved each time the dice is rolled.

  4. How ludo game starts
    A throw of six on the dice starts the game for a player as the piece moves onto the first track. The piece moves six squares around the circuit starting at the relevant colored square. Sometimes, a piece may land on another piece due to the throw of a number on the dice. In this case, the piece that was initially present in the specific location has to go back to the starting circle. A piece may also land on another piece of the same color. In this case, a block is formed. A block cannot be passed and it also cannot be landed on by an opposing piece. The pieces navigate all along the board and finally proceed to the home column. To be able to move the piece to the home triangle, an exact throw of the dice is required. The winner is the first player who can move all four pieces into the home triangles.

  5. How to play ludo online
    Ludo game online play: The game is also available widely for online play because of its popularity among the young and old alike. Playing ludo online is the best way to relive your old childhood memories and go over your unforgettable experiences. Ludo is a versatile game and appeals to a large user base, from the novice to competitive users. Playing online ludo allows users to relive their experiences through the different options available in online gaming interfaces. Ludo game that is available for online play allows socialization by helping connect professionals and novice gamers through an online interface. Online gaming platforms provide the basic gaming experience with a range of options that encourage competition among online gamers spread across different countries globally. It allows effective update of rankings to make the best players stand out. It also updates tournament data. Since the game does not contain any inherent complexities, it is quite relaxing and enjoyable for players belonging to all age groups.

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  6. Ludo King for PC
    Ludo King can be played on PC using Ludo King for PC, a mobile application that was developed by Gametion technologies Pvt. Ltd. Ludo King for PC runs on the Unity Game engine and is owned by Vikash Jaiswal. It can be used on iOS, Kindle, Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone. Ludo King has been around since February 2016 and ranks the highest in the “Top Free Games” section on Apple store. Ludo King is a highly popular game with over 100 million downloads, making it a premier Indian gaming app to achieve a high level of popularity among Indian users.

  7. How to Play Online Ludo King
    Ludo King, one of the best ludo game, is available for play in four different modes, namely the local mode, computer mode, online multiplayer mode, and private multiplayer mode. The local mode deals with the usual pass and play, online multiplayer mode allows playing with other players globally, and the computer mode and private multiplayer mode allows playing with friends in the private rooms. The computer mode allows the player to complete an offline game against the computer using AI-based technology. The local mode allows multiple players to compete in the offline mode. On the other hand, the online multiplayer mode enables users to play with others online although they do not have the option to choose who they want to play with. However, in the private multiplayer mode, it is possible to play with multiple players online and you can also choose who you want to play with. There is an option to choose Facebook friends in the online mode. Ludo King also allows you to play with as many as six players in the local multiplayer mode.

Ludo King for PC is available for download from a number of online websites. It has several prominent features including rooms to be able to play with friends and family, the use of themes that allow different audio-visual settings for unmatched experiences, team play option for ludo matches, ability to play the game with players situated worldwide, and the option to engage in voice chat with family and friends while playing the game.

Over the years, playing ludo online has become one of the most prominent hobbies. Ludo King download for PC has found considerable popularity among online players. Customers find the game refreshing and fun, and the game continues to be the most loved game among PC users.

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