Rashid Khan Last 10 Innings in ODI

Updated on: Oct 5, 2023 5:40 pm IST

Rashid Khan is a spin wizard with 172 wickets in 94 ODI matches at an impressive bowling average of 19.53. He has 4 five-wicket hauls in the format, with 7/18 being his best performance to date.

Rashid Khan Last 10 Innings in ODI

Rashid Khan is one spinner whose wizardry on the field has left both opponents and fans in awe. Rashid Khan’s cricketing journey is a tale of spinning success. Let’s look at Rashid Khan Last 10 Innings in ODI ahead of the ODI World Cup 2023.

Rashid Khan Last 10 Innings in ODI

Bowling Opposition Venue Date
2/63 Sri Lanka Lahore 5 Sep 2023
0/66 Bangladesh Lahore 3 Sep 2023
1/42 Pakistan Colombo (RPS) 26 Aug 2023
0/53 Pakistan Hambantota 24 Aug 2023
2/42 Pakistan Hambantota 22 Aug 2023
2/28 Bangladesh Chattogram 8 Jul 2023
2/21 Bangladesh Chattogram 5 Jul 2023
0/21 Sri Lanka Hambantota 7 Jun 2023
4/37 Sri Lanka Pallekele 30 Nov 2022
DNB Sri Lanka Pallekele 27 Nov 2022

Rashid Khan’s prowess in One Day Internationals (ODIs) has elevated him to legendary status, showcasing his remarkable ability to spin tales of success.¬†With a staggering 172 wickets in just 94 ODI matches, he has proven himself to be a genuine wicket-taker. His knack for taking crucial wickets at crucial moments is a hallmark of his artistry. Moreover, an impressive bowling average of 19.53 signifies his ability to consistently outperform in the international arena.

A five-wicket haul is a bowler’s masterpiece, a feat that sets them apart as true artists of the game. Rashid Khan has crafted this masterpiece four times in the ODI format. Among Rashid Khan’s many exceptional performances, one stands out prominently – his best bowling performance of 7/18 in ODI.

For a batsmen facing Rashid Khan, it’s not just about facing a spinner; it’s about confronting an enigma on the field. His variations, control, and strategic brilliance make him a nightmare for any batsman. Rashid Khan’s ability to deceive batsmen with his craft is what sets him apart and makes him a true spin wizard.

As Rashid Khan continues his cricketing journey, fans eagerly anticipate the records he will break and the milestones he will achieve. His dedication to the sport and the passion he brings to every match signal a bright future. With the ODI World Cup and other significant tournaments on the horizon, the cricketing world eagerly waits to witness Rashid Khan’s magic on the field.

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