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Singh Brothers Real Name, Age, Wife, Instagram, Country


Singh Brothers WWE, the two brothers, may not be accompanying the Modern Day Maharaja right now but they have enough credentials to be called in the league of some of the best tag teams in the country

You cant always make a villain until you have people who do the bidding for you. Jinder Mahal’s iconic title reign would not have been the same had Samir and Sunil Singh or the Singh Brothers not been there to bring him to the fore.

Real Name Sunil Singh – Gurv Shira
Samir Singh – Harv Shira
Age Sunil Singh is 37 Years old
Samir Singh is 34 Years old
Wife Sunil Singh is married to Ramona
Samir Singh is married to Gurpreet Grewal
Height Sunil Singh – 5 ft 8 in
Samir Singh – 5 ft 9 in

Singh Brothers Country

The Singh Brothers hail from Burnaby in Canada and are of Indian dissent. They can speak Punjabi and English and their real names are Gurv Shira and Harv Shira. For very long they have been competing under the name of Bollywood Boyz and are one of the teams which has come from the Hart Dungeon in Canada. Currently they are regular features on the WWE show 205 and have been one of the more successful tag teams there. They have also been a part of the Ring Ka King series by TNA in 2011.

Both the brothers appeared in the 2015 movie Brothers and a movie called Russel Madness. Gurv has a degree in Criminology and Harv has studied history and also worked as a model and actor previously.

Singh Brothers wife

Sunil Singh is married to Ramona and has one kid. He shares pictures with his wife quite a lot of times and considers himself a family man.

Samir Singh is married to Gurpreet Grewal

They are both Sikhs and are very active about their spiritual connections on their Instagram.

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They have had their matches as singles competitors as well but the greatest success has come from being a tag team. They were known for their fun segments with the likes of AJ Styles and Randy Orton where they would often be squashed on behalf of Jinder Mahal.

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