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We predict you win?

Yes! You read it right. We will predict and you can win. Let’s understand how.

What is #WePredictYouWin Contest?

Let us briefly describe the contest. We will participate in the Dream11 Leagues worth Rs. 5000 and 50% of the profit amount will be distributed among the Top 3 randomly picked participants.

How To Participate:

You find an “Enter Here” on this page. All you need to do is to perform the steps asked in the  widget. On successful completion of all steps, your entry will be received by us.#WePredictYouWin Contest (Mar05-Mar07, 2018) |Free Participation | Win At Least Rs.500 or More.

Terms and Conditions

1. How many users can participate?

We allow unlimited entries for now.

2. How you can participate?

You being a participant in this contest won’t have to play on Dream11. All you need to do is to perform the steps asked in the enter here widget. On successful completion, we will receive your contest entry and you will be considered a participant.
The more entries you make, the better chance you have of winning

3. How many winners will be announced per contest?

Winner 1, Winner 2 and Winner 3.
A total of 3 winners will be selected among all the registered contest participants.

4. What is the Contest Time Schedule?

We run contest thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday’s contest will end on Wednesday. Wednesday’s contest will end on Friday and Friday’s contest will end on Monday. We announce winners over YouTube Channel.

5. How will we choose and announce winners?

We will choose them using random name picker. The results be live streamed  or uploaded as a recorded video on YouTube and Social Media for user convenience and keeping transparency. Keep visiting.

6. What will be the winning criteria?

We will participate in Dream 11 leagues. When we win, 50% of the profit will be distributed among all the 3 winners equally in the form of cash amount.

Note: If we win less than or equal to Rs. 3000, we will distribute Rs. 500 each as cash prize money to each of our top 3 winners.

7. Why We Are Giving Away The Winning Profit?

We are giving away the cash profit because since you guys have always believed us and supported us. This giveaway is a form of goodwill gesture that we want to share with our audience and participants.

8. Who Can Play This Contest?

Currently Only Indian nationals are eligible for receiving cash giveaway prize.

9. How to Redeem the winning amount?

Our representative will contact you through email after the winner announcement is done. You need to send us payment and required details within 15 days of receiving our first email. So make sure you enter your email correctly in the “Entry Widget'