Bangar backs Pant: Don’t want to take his fearlessness away

Updated on: Dec 10, 2018 12:33 am IST

  • Indian batting coach Sanjay Bangar backed youngster Rishabh Pant despite his over-aggressive attitude which led to his downfall in Adelaide Test. Bangar admitted Pant could have done better tactically but he believes the left-hander is pretty mature and he doesn’t want to take away his fearlessness away from him.


    With a better approach, tactically Pant could have done better: Bangar

    The Indian batting coach explained that when Rishabh Pant walked in, India was 260-odd and immediately he released the pressure and gave India those quick 30-35 runs.

    Bangar feels once Pant had put India in that position, they expected that with time, with a better approach and calculation, tactically he could have done better.

    But at the same time, he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to take the fearlessness away from Pant otherwise.

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    Pant is mature and can play both games feels Bangar

    According to the former India coach, batting against the turn and getting those boundaries are high percentage shots and those are the shots that many courageous players have played.

    Bangar believes Pant is a pretty mature player and is capable of playing both games. He feels the Indian wicket-keeper has another aspect to his game and for somebody who is just starting his career, it is an exciting prospect to have.


    Bangar wants tailenders to show more application

    Bangar also recalled the Test series in South Africa and England. He feels that one needs to understand that the margins in the games in South Africa and England have been very, very slim.

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    Right from Cape Town to the Oval, Bangar feels the margins of defeat were very small. He feels India have put themselves in those commanding positions but unfortunately they couldn’t close those but as a team probably what they feel is that they have always been very competitive. Now it is about crossing the line.

    He was also unhappy with India’s tailenders. He revealed they were expecting at least 25 runs and that is an area where they are continuously looking to improve. And they hope the lower order, especially number 9, 10 and 11 show more application than they did on day four.




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