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| On Dec 13, 2021 2:16 PM IST

IPL Start Date: Final likely to happen on this date to avoid doubleheaders


IPL Start Date – The remaining 31 fixtures of IPL Phase 2 are all set to take place in the UAE in the September-October window. The IPL 2021  second half is likely to start from September 18 and should go on for three weeks with October 10 being the date of the finals.

IPL Start Date

The decision was originally made at the Special General Meeting (SGM) which was held on May 29. However, as per recent reports the BCCI could stretch the tournament till October 18. Doing this could reduce the number of doubleheaders, while also easing the load off the players in the process. The scorching heat in the UAE is also another major factor why eight additional days could be added after discussions between the BCCI, ECB and the UAE Government. The decision of scheduling the finals to October 18 will lead to eight less doubleheaders.

“We will get an extended window of 8 days and we will be able to reduce the doubleheaders. It is very hot in UAE and the cricketers might suffer due to this. So, the board is trying to keep less afternoon matches. If the final is played on 18 October, 8 doubleheaders matches will be played less. We are in talks regarding this with the Chairman of ECB and we are hopeful that our proposal will be accepted,” one of the BCCI officials recently said.

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T20 World Cup Venue

The ICC T20 World Cup was originally scheduled for October 18 with its conclusion date being November 15. However, with the pandemic being a real issue in India, there is a possibility of a change in venue and change in date as well. The UAE is once again being considered as an alternative here.

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