July 19, 2018
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Root’s ‘mic-drop’ might backfire on him. Here’s Why?

By Abhishek Shankar

Root’s Obama inspired mic-drop celebration:

Root celebrated his victory against India by dropping his bat after hitting the match-winning boundary.

Root ‘mic-dropped’ his bat to the floor in a style popularised by rappers and comedians who believe they have offered a statement so emphatic it cannot be followed.

Root scored an unbeaten 113 at Lords in the second ODI against India and he replicated his performance at Leeds by scoring an unbeaten 100. His happiness was quite obvious, but did he declare a tug-off war with Kohli with his brazen celebration?

Beginning of a new war?

However, Virat Kohli, India’s captain and a man who is used to getting his own way, might have his significant ego pricked and he will be desperate to redress the balance in a Test series that could be decided on whether he outperforms Root or not.

Kohli’s attitude is quite similar to that of Ganguly, if not the same. He was ill-famed in the past for his aggressive celebrations after scoring hundreds or winning games during his initial years in international cricket.

Kohli, in particular, would also be looking to stamp his authority in this part of the world after a horrid tour last time around in 2014.

England, after all, remains the only country which he hasn’t conquered in the longest format and he might just do it with a bat-drop of his own or something even more dramatic on September 11.

If a fired-up India win the Test series against England, it would extend England team’s run without a series win to four by the end of the summer.

Root’s calls it the ‘most embarrassing on-field moment’:

It’s no surprise then that Root, fresh from being told by his one-day captain Eoin Morgan he had “made a fool of himself”, now cringes at the very mention of the gesture.

“It was something that I immediately regretted after doing it,” he admitted. “It was literally the most embarrassing thing I’ve done on a cricket field. I don’t think it will be the last I hear of it from the group – they’ve been hammering me.”,said Root.

“You’d think if you were going to do a celebration like that, you’d have smacked it 30 yards out of the ground. It was just an absolute bad gesture”, he added.

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