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Mbappe wins hearts with noble gesture

By Rajsi Swaroop

He is a Teenager. He is a dreamer. He can score to win it for his people. He is French prodigy Kylian Mbappe. He has become the most highlighted hero of the French team to be awarded as the FIFA World Cup 2018’s Young Player. He is just 19 years old and had achieved those milestones which we can only dream. He has done a lot of great work in this little age and once again he shared a gesture with the kids by donating his hard earn bonus to an association. The association works for the kids who are hospitalised but want to become the next big thing in sports.

The first in line head of the Premiers de Cordee, Sebastien Ruffin is overwhelmed with Mbappe’s heart winning move, he said the teenage world cup winner communicated him that he would donate his bonus to them if the team qualifies in the world cup quarter-final. “What an amazing gesture by this teen! He will achieve a lot more greatness in his life. He is a rarity in this gen, God bless! Medco.”

Image Credit: @FIFA

Noel Le Graet, Chief of French Football Federation, stamped that other associations will also be benefited by Mbappe’s donation which will be valued at approximately $3,50,000.

Mbappe uses to play with the kids of association. He mentors them according to Ruffin he gels very well with the kids sometimes it feels like he is feeling more pleasure then kids do.

Mbappe scored crucial goals for France in this world cup. He proved his talent by scoring the winning goal at the 65th minute of the match against Croatia in the final led to rate him the most valuable among others. Apart from him Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba scored one goal each to make it 4-2. This is what we expect from the FIFA World Cup.

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