WTC Final: Ramiz Raza Makes Bold Claim About One Indian Batsman, Check Details

Updated on: Jun 1, 2021 7:46 pm IST

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    India have a test team that can compete with some of the great teams in the history of test cricket. They have an all round team which no other team in the world possess at the moment. They have conquered Australia not once but twice where all the other teams have struggled to even win a test in the last 6 years or so except South Africa.

    They have a big test awaiting in UK where the conditions will be extremely bowler friendly and it will be a stern test for all the Indian batsmen and their openers in particular.

    Ramiz Raja expects Rohit Sharma to score a double hundred

    Rohit Sharma has revived his test career after given the chance to open and this England tour will be a massive test for both the Indian openers as it needs strong defensive game and both the Indian openers are naturally aggressive. Here’s what Ramiz Raja had to say about the attacking nature of these two openers.Shubman Gill

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    It is not risky. If you have an opening pair like that, you need to back them. Rohit Sharma will give you a double hundred if he fires, You don’t have to think much, you just have to go there and play your game. It is very important to be aggressive. The Indian batsmen base their attack on that because their thinking is aggressive.

    Ramiz Raja advices to see off the new cherry

    When India toured UK in 2018, the dukes that was used in there swung to the extent that almost backfired for the home team. Since then, England decided to use a different version of dukes which isn’t swinging as it did in 2018.

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    One of the most important jobs of an opener is to see off the new ball and lay a strong foundation for the middle order batsmen and that’s what the former Pakistani also expects from the openers.

    If it is a half-volley, you need to drive that whether you are playing in England or India. Yes, you have to play with soft hands for the first half an hour but after that once you have settled, the basic principles of batting have not changed in the last 100 years,

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