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IPL 2021 broadcast channel When And Where To Watch Live Telecast, Live Streaming


If you are running a channel in India and if there is one event that will guarantee you all the eyeballs in the country, it is the Indian Premiere League. Over the years it has been one of the most watched if not the most watched tournament in the country and among the most watched tournaments in the world. Unlike test cricket which is often seen by a very limited cricket following demographic, the IPL is often seen by families and a variety of demographic. The tournament created in 2008, has since become like a 2 month long festival where the country forgets everything else and just opens its doors to the best cricketing talent in the world. It is a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of every single person in the country who is affected by it in some way or the other. This magnum opus of a cricketing tournament is usually a big draw for the broadcasters who are willing to empty their pockets to any extent to be the IPL 2021 broadcast channel. The cash keeps rolling in and the IPL keeps getting bigger each and every year.


IPL 2021 Broadcast channels list

The following channels currently have the rights to broadcast the IPL in 2021

  • Star Sports 1
  • Star Sports 1 HD
  • Star Sports 2
  • Star Sports 2 HD
  • Star Sports First S
  • tar Sports 1 Hindi
  • Star Sports 1 Hindi HD
  • Star Sports 1 Tamil
  • Star Sports 1 Kannada
  • Star Sports 1 Telugu
  • Star Sports 1 Bangla
  • Star Gold
  • Star Suvarna Plus
  • Star Vijay Super
  • Jalsha
  • Asianet Plus
  • Star Gold HD
  • Star Maa Movies

The IPL is available in multiple languages and in different regions as it is one of the most universally watched tournaments in the country. It is definitely a tournament that brings everyone together and definitely gets them cheering for their favorite teams or players. It has also blurred country lines as the tournament has often featured different players from different countries being cheered. We have seen the likes of Chris Gayle, Shane Watson, David Warner, AB Devilliers become fan favourites. This amplifies the point that the IPL is one tournament that any broadcaster would not like to miss out upon. The Star group at the moment has the rights of the tournament and that is what sets them apart currently as the leading sports broadcaster in the country.

Who got the rights In India?


The broadcasting rights of the IPL were won by the Star group in the year 2017. This was a big shot in their arm as this made them the most sought-after TV channel in the country during the IPL months. This also gave them a lot of content for their TV programming in the form of past matches and team exclusives. As can be seen from the list above, the Star group has also involved multiple regional channels too which has further expanded their reach as the broadcaster of IPL. In 2019, they won another big battle when they grabbed the exclusive rights to showcase the IPL events.

Another big development for them has been the growth of their online streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar as it attracts a lot of viewers.

IPL 2021 TV Channel Name and Where to watch


With the pandemic setting in and particularly the second covid wave taking center stage, the IPL had to be shifted to the UAE. This deprives the fans of their experience of watching their favourite stars in action live in the stadiums however with the broadcasting being at the level that it is in the world today, TV and online streaming has made it possible for the viewer to enjoy the experience of the extravaganza with the same exuberance.

In India, it is the star network that has taken the mantle to bring home the world’s most watched league straight to the homes of the fans. The IPL can be viewed on the various channels of the Star Network as well as their online streaming platform Hotstar.


Watch Live Telecast


The IPL is an event which is best viewed live. The broadcasters make sure that the timing of the IPL is usually kept after the work hours so people can finish their work and cook their dinners and get together and watch the IPL. This is something that has been the USP of the IPL. This also has allowed them to make this the biggest event there is in the history of the Indian television. We have often seen movie releases being delayed due to the IPL as they have found it better to avoid a clash. The Indian public during the IPL prefers to get hooked to the sport and rarely watches anything else. Even the major events in the country are built in and around the IPL.

Watch Recap or Highlights


While the IPL usually takes place in the evening, the repeat telecasts often take place throughout the day on different channels. The Star Network is pretty hands on with the scheduling of their highlights and on different channels on their network, they keep broadcasting the highlights for viewers of both English and Hindi language commentary. The option to view the highlights and repeats is also available on demand on their online streaming platform that is Disney+ Hotstar. It is available to those who havent subscribed to the premium version of the app as well.



Who broadcast IPL 2021?


The first half of the IPL which was held in the months of April and May was broadcast by the star network. They are going to also be the IPL 2021 broadcast channel in India for the matches which take place in the UAE and it will be quite the extravaganza to watch for the viewers as the IPL is currently very delicately poised and many teams can still make it to the qualifiers and be the victors here. The fans will be supporting their teams from their homes in India as the IPL was moved out of the country due to the COVID pandemic.

How can I watch IPL 2021?


The IPL can be watched on the Star network on their various television channels. The primary broadcasters are the Star Sports channels who broadcast the IPL in English and in Hindi. It can also be watched on their app that is the Disney+ Hotstar app. This IPL is the first one which is being held in two phases so it will be interesting to see the kind of traction it generates among the fans.


Is IPL 2021 telecast on DD Sports?


While the exclusive streaming rights of the IPL are there with the Star network and DD sports is not an IPL 2021 tv channel name officially, there is a chance that the IPL will be telecast on the DD Sports channel which is India’s homegrown sports channel if they buy the rights of the broadcast from Star Sports. This will depend upon an internal dealing between the two channels. If not, the live scores will definitely be provided by the DD Sports channel

can i watch ipl on star gold?


Star Gold as per its usual way of function is a movie channel and does not broadcast sports matches. However since it is part of the star network of channels which broadcast the IPL, there is a likelihood that some of the games will be broadcast on the Star Gold and Star Gold HD channels. Likewise, a few other channels of the Star Network may broadcast the IPL which is good news for subscribers who might have subscribed to the movies pack and not the sports pack .

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