Who is going to be the next Arsenal coach? Here are our picks

Updated on: May 20, 2018 9:57 pm IST

  • The journey of 22 years came to a heartbreaking end as Arsene Wenger, the only manager to have held as the leader of the Invincible, walked out of the Kirklees Stadium in Huddersfield writing off his own farewell. This journey of more than two decades had been an incredible one, every true Arsenal FC fan would agree because it is by holding his hand Arsenal FC football became a fan favourite internationally. His reign started in 1996, when he stood there building the stadium, now known as the Emirates Stadium, brick by brick as he built the Arsenal team, player by player. Winning the double in 2001 and missing out on the league title in 2002 to claiming the title of the Invincible after 115 years in the English Premier League, making Arsenal the only English team of the 21st century to achieve this feat. FC Barcelona came very close to winning this feat but Levante had other plans for them in this season. However sad it may be for the Gunners but this is the way of life. Everything that has a beginning has an end, no matter how good it was or how crucial it has been for existing.

    Arsene Wenger
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    Now that #MerciArsene is trending everywhere, there’s a worldwide confusion who would take up the mantle to carry on the legacy left behind by Wenger. There have been many speculations that whether it would be Thierry Henry or Patrick Viera or former Arsenal player Mikel Arteta or rumours were that Don Carlo Ancelotti would be the new coach for the Gunners even some people took it all the way to Turin to say Masimiliano Allegri would  be the head coach. It’s just a matter of time who would get to be the commander of the Gunners from the upcoming season. Here’s a quick sneak peek into the rumoured names for the Arsenal’s gaffer. The Arsenal board led by Ivan Gazidis and Raul Sanhelli has already started the search and so did we.

    • Thierry Henry

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    LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – AUGUST 3: Striker Thierry Henry (L) holds up his shirt with Manager Arsene Wenger having been signed for Arsenal 03 August, 1999 from Juventus for an undisclosed fee. The 21-year old French international, who played under Arsene Wenger at AS Monaco was the leading scorer for the French World Cup winning squad at France ’98 scoring three goals during the tournament.


    Although Henry has no managerial experience as such, he’s a Sky Pundit and Belgium National Team’s assistant coach. He will be a wild card entry as a coach but fans would surely love to see this star once again joining hands with his former club and that too as a replacement of the coach who taught him plenty about football. His appointment will become an emotional one if he is signed. Nothing more needed to be said about Henry, who is worshipped as a God in the red half of North London.

    It will be interesting to see how the all time leading goal scorer for Arsenal strategize the tactical acumen of the Arsenal firing line. He has played under both Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola and is well received by fans as a better finisher. But, sometimes as it turns out that a great player often fails to become a great manager, for instance, take Gary Neville as an example.

    One of the popular media houses has reported that the board will be holding talks with Henry next week and it will be worthwhile to see how he’s received by the fans.

    • Patrick Vieira

    Arsene Wenger
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    Next on the list is Patrick Vieira, another Arsenal legend, another Frenchman who has got a fair amount of experience in managing a team so it would be interesting to see as a manager for the North London side. Vieira has had some experience in managing an English side even though he is in the Major Soccer League with New York City FC but there are some glimpses of the young Arsene Wenger in the Frenchman as he also prefers training youth players than going after big names.

    It will be a huge gamble given the massive club that Arsenal is. But, Vieira may live up to the expectations or not is all dependent on time.

    • Masimiliano Allegri

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    The current Juventus coach is someone most clubs would want to see their team managed by him. In a report by BBC, stated that the Juventus FC coach may come to North London to build on the dream left by Wenger. It would create a whole lot of excitement among the Arsenal fans as he clicks every box. He’s not only an ideal when it comes to managing players but also known for his money management skills. Given the meager budget, given by the Arsenal management to the club in transfer window, Allegri seems like the right one to handle this downside of the Gunners with much ease. He really knows a player and what he’s made up of. Under his guidance young players like Dybala and Rugani have started showing the potential of world domination for example. And if we are to talk about the accolades he has got 4 Serie A titles, 4 domestic cups and two UEFA Champions League finals in 4 years. His credentials are the strongest among all other candidates that Arsenal has been linked to. If this move happens Arsenal FC fans could finally have a sigh of relief.

    • Mikel Arteta

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    Yes, this is as sensational as it sounds. Arteta is the current favorite to take over at Arsenal from Arsene Wenger. The fans seem to be divided showcasing anxiety and distrust and some displaying unconditional support to their ex- Captain’s appointment. Arteta was at Arsenal for five years after joining in the summer of 2011 which saw Cesc Fabregas leave for FC Barcelona. Till the end he was the stabilizing force in the squad and helped in ending Arsenal’s trophy drought. His credentials aren’t strong but if you look closely you can understand why he’s being pursued.

    Mikel has played under 2 of the most different managers in England in David Moyes and Arsene Wenger after coming to the La Masia as a youth player. His playing experience takes him all over Europe and to top it all Arteta is the first name in Pep’s backroom staff. Pep drafted into his backroom as soon as he learnt that Arteta was to retire in 2016. Pep has even credited him for the growth of Sterling and Sane. So it won’t be a surprise if indeed Arteta was hired as Arsenal has a history of giving a chance to young unproven managers.

    So these are our top three picks for Arsene Wegner’s replacement. If you think there is someone we missed out on, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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