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5 Tips to Improve your Free Fire Skills – April 2022


5 Tips to Improve your Free Fire Skills:  The online free fire game has more than five hundred million downloads on Play Store. This makes it one of the most popular games of all time. People have been playing this for hours to get a rank or to improve their ranks. So, here are some fewer known tricks you can use to get a better rank. The best way to be best at any game is to master its controls, the same is with free fire. You will find many recommendations for using claw controls, but the secret is to shift to a thumb layout. Unlike other popular games, the controls of this game are not very complicated to master.

Players need to know the basic and advanced Free Fire tips and tricks. It is the most important part for pro players to learn in the game. We present you 5 Tips to Improve your Free Fire Skills to help you become a Free Fire pro.

Claw Control

The best thing to use is thumb layout while playing the Free Fire. The game doesn’t have any complicated in-game mechanisms. You can quickly adapt yourself to control the game in Free Fire.

Aim Precision

If your aim is weak, then focus on aiming precision. If you are perfect, you will land more headshots, and the crosshair will automatically move towards your target. The best way to auto-aim and shoot is to crouch first, then set the scope, zoom in as required, and fire. This way you will hardly miss any aim and you can improve the ranking.

Headshot Setting for Perfect Shot

Making headshots in the Free Fire game is essential to get the better of enemies on the ground. However, players need to have perfect sensitivity to land headshots.

  1. General: 100
  2. Red Dot: 100
  3. 2X Scope: 87
  4. 4X Scope: 78
  5. AWM Scope: 64

Don’t Jump Shoot

Your jumps need to be well calculated. It is an important note to keep in mind. These moves can mess up entirely while your aiming and ends up with a knockout.

Sniping Improves your Aim

A sniper is required to take down opponents from distance without any close-up encounters were risking your teammates.

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