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5 Tips to Improve your PUBG Skills – April 2022


5 Tips to Improve your PUBG Skills: The PUBG game has been very popular among all the players since its launch. You get to play the game that actually banned. This makes the game one of the most loved game. The game itself is so much in demand that the different developers to update the game to let other players enjoy it. PUBG mobile game requires a strategy to play the game, and you need a good KD of 6 to maintain if the thumb set-up is used well. Here are some pro-level tips to get better in battle royal games like PUBG Mobile.

5 Tips to Improve your PUBG Skills

  1. Basic Movements: In PUBG Mobile, movement is essential. Just do roam in the game. You need to jump, crouch, prone in the training room, move-in houses, jump through windows, jump across walls, etc.
  2. Focus on Joystick: The joystick is critical to controlling the game. The things you need to know like, Control the joystick, and Control the cross-hair.
  3. Sensitivity: Different mobile devices have unique calibrations of sensitivity. We advise to practice more in war mode for comfortable sensitivity settings.
  4. Improve Aim: To improve aim you need to focus on practicing 100 TDM matches and aim for the head. Learn to control recoil, because most of the players avoid AKM because of its recoil. AKM is the best gun in PUBG.
  5. Use Gyroscope for good aiming controls. It helps in close combat games.
  6. One of the crucial points is to play with the right strategy. Playing with a plan helps in increasing skills in the game.
  7. Be fast in the game, and avoid allowing aiming you. Spot the enemy, plan your moves, and act wisely. Don’t get killed at the early stages.
  8. Most of the players use AKM + M416, and other players love to use AR with sniper. Whatever the gun is just focus on the recoil control of the gun, muscle memory for the recoil, and learn about the weapon.

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