GTA 5 beta version- Secrets in the game

Updated on: Aug 12, 2021 11:25 am IST

  • GTA 5 beta version – Rockstar Games has always been one of the favorites of gamers. In fact, everyone has played some of the other games by rockstar games once in their lifetime. Recently launched GTA 5 is one more gift to the gamers from rockstar games. Even the GTA 5 beta version of the game is great to play.

    Let us see some strange secrets of the game.

    Ghost at Mount Gordo

    Try to go to Mount Gordo at a specific time to witness the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans. This is added to the game to add some horror themes to the game. Although the ghost is not visible all the time, only at the specific time during the night you can see it. What you can do is visit the place once it is dark and be there for some time.

    Another secret of the GTA 5 beta version –The frozen alien

    Well, there is only one instance where players can see this carcass but it is a fascinating secret of the game. The only time you can see it is during the first mission of the game. When the player is trying to escape from the police and chooses to drive under the bridge, he will find this corpse under the ice. Being into the ice the secret is called a frozen alien.

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    One can see the UFOs in the games four 4 times as claimed by most of the players. But these UFOs are only visible during thunderstorms and at different locations.    Fort Zancudo, Mount Chiliad, Sandy Shores, Under the ocean, are the four places where you can find UFOs. The one which is under the ocean in Los Santos is a crashed one. While the others visible in the sky are operational.

    Now the next time you play the game don’t forget to visit these places and witness these strange secrets of GTA 5. Check out another article – Reasons behind millions of GTA India download

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