Reasons behind millions of GTA India download

Updated on: Aug 11, 2021 12:04 pm IST

  • GTA India download – Ever wondered why GTA has been so popular in India? Why do we Indians love the game so much? The answer obviously includes the fascinating graphics and storyline of the game. Along with this one more major reason behind the popularity of this game is a touch of Indian culture in its mods. GTA India download have crossed millions and this is not only for the original game but the updates/mods are also loved.

    Indian mod in GTA 2D universe

    GTA II also called the 2D universe featured the Hare Krishna Gang. The members also followed the mantra of the same name. This is one of the most evident touches of Indian culture in the rockstar games.

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    GTA India download-3D universe with a touch of Indian culture

    You will find that the taxis are mostly driven by Indian taxi drivers in GTA III and Liberty city stories. This also depicts the real-world picture, as the majority of taxi drivers in New York are of Indian descent. In GTA San Andreas you can easily find Indian pedestrians.

    If you play the game while listening to the car radio and not the chosen songs, then you should tune into Vice City Public Radio. In GTA Vice City Stories you can find a program named New World Order. The radio channel features Indian news about New Delhi.

    HD universe

    In the HD universe of the game, there are few instances where you can find an Indian touch. You can find an inn in Dukes, Liberty city which is named the Indian inn. Also, you can find some shopkeepers of Indian origin in GTA V. One more instance is when Trevor mentions the Indian city Bangalore in a mission named Hang Ten.

    The popularity of the game in India has made the creators and others modify the game to add an Indian touch. This makes the game appear more familiar to Indians, and it is, therefore, one of the reasons why it has received so much love from Indians. You can read more – GTA Vice City APK For Android And iOS

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