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Play Game and Earn Paytm Money: A guide to online earning apps and games


Money Earning Apps: Do you aim to monetize your fun time? Or are you looking for games that give fun as well as some easy cash? Then You are at the right place. As online gaming has revolutionaries the normal gameplay and has provided an opportunity to earn with it as well, people all over just can’t have enough from these games.

Play Game Earn Paytm Money

We have curated a list of money earning games that provide you not just mere fun time but real money as well

  1. Ludo Supreme
    An RNG-certified dice game by iTech Labs, Ludo Supreme offers you an exciting game that comprises 10 minutes. It can be played in single or multiplayer games which also gives you the liberty to play with unknown internet friends or your friends/family to play with you. This dice rolling game is super exciting giving you a real-life experience with chances of earning real money. The one who wins will be the player who has the most noteworthy score. Interestingly, the clock will energize you to score better, and simultaneously, you won’t feel exhausted from long gameplay.

Highlights of Ludo Supreme:

  • Tournaments going 24*7
  • 10-minute playtime
  • Quicker Instant Pay-out
  1. MPL – Mobile Premier League
    Gaining its position in recent times, MPL is one of the biggest gaming applications in India. It has 50+ best Paytm money rewarding games that you’ll discover fascinating and will assist you with making a good measure of Paytm Money. It is also one of the official sponsors of Royal Challengers Bangalore which makes MPL a reliable source to earn money while you play. There are a lot of fans and it has recently been named one of the most loved applications by cricket lovers. The best part about playing on this app is that you can reclaim the money earned from the game from Paytm, UPI, Amazon Pay, and direct bank withdrawal.


  1. Ludo by Paytm First Games
    A game that has recently gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic, Ludo by Paytm First Games has become one of the favourites amongst families. Not just the money factor, but it also gives you the leisure to play with your loved ones that can be played online. It is where you can claim the cash easily and also has a feature where when you download this game, you’ll likewise get a cash reward of Rs. 50 from Paytm. This application is 100% safe as it is developed by the Paytm designers. Interestingly, once you download this game, you can choose between various games around your decision.


  1. Qrumble Box
    A quizzing game that can be played between 2 players, Qrumble Box is interesting to play and offers you a good sum of money with every win. The game is basically where you need to challenge companions for a match and play with them to bring in Paytm money. With this game, you can also win a sum of Rs. 10 for each reference. Download the .apk document of 7 MB and begin playing while at the same time acquiring new experiences from this quizzing contest. Likewise, you can choose your number one subject among Bollywood, Cricket, and more. This makes your game intriguing as well as a standout amongst other game to bring in Paytm money.


  1. Rummy Circle
    With clients from across the globe, Rummy Circle is a game where you can procure a cash reward as high as Rs. 500 just by referring it to friends and family. “Deal of the Day” is one of the best things about this application is where you can win gaming points in a good amount which can be further exchanged into genuine money. Rummy administering body The Rummy Federation (TRF) had ensured Rummy Circle for giving reasonable games on the internet.

You will get Rs. 2000 as a sign-up reward that you can use for playing and bringing in a ton of cash by using while performing various other games and features of the game.

  1. Carrom Clash
    A very easy to play and easy to earn game, carrom clash is for all the carrom lovers out there. The game offers an outstanding opportunity to earn Paytm cash efficiently among other game applications with a strong and easy-to-understand interface. It is a prevalent playing experience where you can genuinely earn Paytm money. Carrom is loved by a lot of people and can bring in money in great money while playing tournaments here with players worldwide.

10 Best Money Earning Apps in India

  1. Pay Box
    The Arcade games being a pioneer in providing loads of entertainment such as Flappy Bird, Subway Surfers, Bubble Up, and more made Pay Box which is an extraordinary game compared to other Paytm games applications. You can easily earn through this game. The minimum amount of money one can reclaim is Rs. 50 that can be earned in your leisure time. Likewise, you need not download any application. All it requires is opening it in your web and a simple sign-up


  1. Winzy
    Available on the play store, Winzy is a free quizzing game application very easy to use and play. It can provide a good amount of Paytm money and you can likewise procure coupons that you can use for shopping online. Additionally, Winzy uses to make standard gaming tournaments, for example, Flash play, where you can enrol for special occasions and win a stunning prize with negligible effort, which without a doubt makes it magnificent compared to other Paytm games.


  1. MiniJoy Pro
    This is definitely one of the easiest and fun gaming apps in Paytm earning apps. It is a spin-and-win game where you can try your luck any time you want. You can win up to Rs. 200 – 300 every day while spinning the wheel. It gained popularity right after it was launched and stand in the 5th position amongst the top-earning games in Paytm


  1. Step Set Go (SSG)
    For all the fitness enthusiasts and also for people who have a hard time working out, Step Set Go is for Workout groups that do loads of physical activities and play sports. This application checks steps and gives you reward coins on each set of steps finished that can be reclaimed to Paytm Cash and a few gifts. This is a standout amongst other Paytm cash acquiring games for wellness freaks. There are also gift items such as fitness tracking watches and more that you can earn while playing. It promises extra rewards for fitness lovers and also acts as an inspiration for people who find it hard to work out.

Top 10 Apps to earn Money from Home in India