How to make money online for beginners

Updated on: May 11, 2021 12:27 pm IST

  • make money online : Money is the driving force that keeps the world going. Every individual in this world strives to earn better and improve their standards of living. People tend to give their maximum and toil hard to earn as much as possible.

    How to make money online for beginners

    The world is filled with all kinds of opportunities and it is upon us to choose the way we want to utilize them. Tapping on one of them depends on our potential. You can use your strengths to accomplish the goals of earning big. You do not need to solve rocket science, some prospects require spare time and minimum efforts. With COVID-19 hitting bad at all kinds of jobs and millions of people getting affected, searching for new avenues to earn money online is a good prospect. Let us look at the various means to make money online for beginners.

    1. Playing Games
    Playing games have always been a fun activity but now you can also earn money while playing. In this era of digital age, the smart phones and the internet have become our prime source of entertainment. There are innumerable games in the market for the smart phone customers as well as the internet users. These games are made keeping in mind all sections of society as a result people of all ages can enjoy the games. Also, there are a lot of games that offer prize money. So now, playing and winning could mean winning in real too. You have the option to choose from single and multiplayer games to fantasy apps. Thus, playing games is a very good option to make money online for beginners.

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    2. E-Commerce
    Online shopping is the latest trend and with the COVID-19 restrictions, it is here to stay. You can start making money online by selling products. You can sell all kinds of homemade goods online. E-commerce is an amazing platform that has a wide reach. Online shopping makes your products available throughout the world. It is also a very safe option, as the payment is credited directly to your bank account.

    You may create your website for selling the products. The site can have all the products listed and payment links and other things required for an e-commerce website. The other easier option is that you can go to already existing websites like Amazon and Flipkart. These websites are big names and quite established players. Also, with the alternative of third party selling, they make a very good option to host your products on such websites. These websites give you an extra edge as they already have loyal buyers and a huge customer base. These platforms also provide you with the required logistics, storage, warehouse and smooth payment facilities which are an added advantage.

    Thus, you can venture into online shopping and earn big bucks. Either by using the independent platform or seeking one of the established players, online shopping is a trusted opportunity. Looking at the volume of sales that the online shopping generates, you can only be sure that your business will grow.

    3. Freelance Content Creation
    Freelancing is another very good option for anyone to earn bucks online. With the digital medium, freelancing has become a different ballgame altogether. You can do freelancing in any field. You can take it up part-time to earn extra money or you can also do it full time. There are several freelancing options provided by multinational companies and individual firms providing opportunities.

    If you have a flair for writing and you can put your thoughts into words then content writing can become your niche. The market is flooded with prospects when it comes to good quality content. Freelancing gives you an option to work in flexible hours, you can make your schedule and do not have to stick to the routine office hours.

    The content may be in the form of articles, videos, pictures and other digital content. Also, do not get mistaken that freelancing is just for individuals who need a break, or looking for a hobby. The entire culture has grown leaps and bounds and is very professional these days. Content creation also pays you well, after all, who does not want good quality content for their website, be it a multinational organisation or a small establishment. With strict deadlines, proper work ethics and lucrative payment offer the world of freelance content creation can be your forte if you have a creative mind.

    4. Blogging
    The classical meaning of blogging is the diary-style entry which could be incorporated online. Blogging is how you would include regular updates about your activities. It uses a language that is quite informal, with its primary intention to connect to the readers. The blogs allow the readers to comment so that they can start a conversation on any topic. Blogging was soon incorporated by the online community as an opportunity for business.

    It allows a person to create a self-published article or in other words a conversation. The content may be varied from sports to politics and from entertainment to current affairs. Thus, at present, many bloggers write on all kinds of topics and allow the readers to comment too.

    Blogging can be done to improve a business and can also be a potential business in itself. There are individual bloggers and also firms that have blog content and has a dedicated team of bloggers. They can also buy and publish it on their website.

    With social media platforms having taken centre stage in our lives, blogging has evolved from articles to pictures and videos. Many professional bloggers create their travel blogs. Unlike political debates which have heated discussions, travel blogs have more pictures and stories and are followed because of their vibrant content.

    There are Vlogs or video logs that are quite popular on video sharing platforms like Youtube. In Vlogs, people showcase a lot of things through a video. These include special occasions as well as their daily activities. Celebrities also try their every bit to stay connected and increase the followers. Live updates and live videos are some of the features which they prefer using. Overall blogging is a definite go to option if you are interested in connecting with people.

    5. Online Surveys
    The concept of online surveys might seem very trifling, however, online surveys can be a source of income. There are many online surveys in the market which provide you with a decent opportunity to earn. The only thing that you need to participate in these surveys is an internet connection and spare time. The amazing fact about online surveys is that there is no qualification required for you to start this venture. You can begin online surveys and start earning for yourself.

    6. Virtual Assistant
    In this age of the digital world, you can be a virtual assistant. The job of the virtual assistant is to handle the emails, calls, schedules and other business-related propaganda. The assistant is not required to be present physically but is responsible for a specified number of chores. This job is quite lucrative as you are dealing with high-level clients and business houses. Another benefit is that you can choose the hours you wish to work as you are a virtual assistant and not a real one. The job seems easier said than done however, the pay always comes with some efforts.


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