PUBG Mobile LITE BC Hack for Free Unlimited BC Coins

Updated on: Nov 23, 2021 6:06 pm IST

  • PUBG Mobile LITE BC Hack

    PUBG Mobile LITE BC Hack: PUBG Mobile LITE is the mini version of PUBG. The game has low graphics, and its size is small too. PUBG is a large game that takes at least 2 GB of space on your mobile. Gamers who could not download the game started cursing their luck until PUBG Mobile LITE was released.

    PUBG Mobile LITE BC Hack

    The game brought a smile to the faces of many individuals who couldn’t play the original PUBG, initially. The main similarity between the games is their unique character customizations. PUBG takes “Unknown Cash” or UC to buy gun skins and outfits, and PUBG Mobile LITE takes “Battle Coins” or BC to buy customizations. The abovementioned currency is not free; to earn them, you would have to use real cash. To avoid losing real money for some in-game currency, we have found some simple hacks and tricks to help you get free unlimited BC in PUBG Mobile LITE.

    PUBG Mobile LITE Unlimited BC Generator

    PUBG Mobile LITE BC Hack
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    Generators are the best source of unlimited in-game currency. For our loyal readers like you, we would recommend the two best PUBG Mobile LITE generators. These generators, used by people all over the globe, are authentic. Pubglitehack is one such generator. This generator has live stats, which show users all around the world and their transactions.

    You can use this generator for free and can earn over ten thousand BC at a time. Also, you can check how many other people are transacting simultaneously. We recommend Kudkutusu over other generators as it allows you to earn both BC and UC. This generator will also allow you to withdraw 10000 UC or BC for free.

    Steps To Use PUBG Generators

    To use both the abovementioned generators efficiently, follow these simple steps.

    • Open the link to the website.
    • Choose the amount of BC and UC you require.
    • Enter your username and the device you play on (Android).
    • Wait for the transaction to complete.
    • Enjoy and play with your newly bought outfits and gun-skins.


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