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WLO vs CZS Dream11 Prediction, Fantasy Basketball Tips, Starting Five, Team Details, 15 October


Polish Basketball League has now registered more games into its canon. In this regular season battle, Wloclawek fights it out against the Czarni Slupsk. More about WLO vs CZS Dream11 is going to be imparted here.

WLO vs CZS Dream11 Prediction

This is a battle of the top-two teams in the league. Wloclawek is yet to lose a game, winning all of their six games, meanwhile, Slupsk has lost just one of the team’s six battles.

Wloclawek allows just 70.5 PPG while putting up 80.5 PPG, a 10+ points differential. Jonah Matthews and a dynamic Kendall Dykes have carried the major scoring load while Kamil Lacyznski has led the assists column. The team is a gang-rebound squad and pincers through pressure defense. The team is in top-notch form and will look to win seven in a row.

If there is any team that can break the Wloclawek’s stream then it is Czarni Slupsk. The team relies on its offense, producing 83.2 PPG while allowing 78.3 PPG. Billy Garrett dominates the scoring column while Marek Klassen is the prime facilitator. Klassen is also the second-highest scorer on the team while Beau Beech has been an inspirational scorer and rebounder. Can the Czarni Slupsk overcome a tight Wloclawek defense?

WLO vs CZS Dream Match Details

Home: Wloclawek
Visitors: Czarni Slupsk
Match Timing: 15 October, @ 09:00 PM
Venue: Hala Mistrzow

WLO vs CZS Dream Court Details

Hala Mistrzow is going to host the game which is the home court for Wloclawek.

WLO vs CZS Dream11 Team Prediction:

Wloclawek| Czarni Slupsk
Games: 06 | 06
Wins: 05| 05
Defeats: 01| 01

WLO vs CZS Dream11 Lineup
PG: L Petrasek
SG: K Dykes(SP), M Klassen(PP), J Mathews
SF: W Garrett, B Beech
PF: D Slupinski
C:   K Young

Wloclawek 2021 Captain

Team Leaders:
Points Per Game
Jonah Matthews: 17.7
Kyndall Dykes: 5.0

Assists Per Game:
Kamil Lacyznski: 4.3
Jonah Matthews: 2.5

Rebounds Per Game
Luke Petrasek: 6.2
Kyndall Dykes / James Bell: 4.0

Steals Per Game:
James Bell / Jonah Matthews: 1.7
Kyndall Dykes: 1.5

Blocks Per Game:
Kavell Bigby-Williams: 1.2
Luke Petrasek : 1.0

Czarni Slupsk 2021 Captain

Team Leaders:
Points Per Game
Billy Garrett: 20.0
Marek Klassen: 15.0

Assists Per Game
Marek Klassen: 6.8
Bartosz Jankowski: 3.5

Rebounds Per Game
Beau Beech: 5.5
Billy Garrett: 4.8

Steals Per Game
Kalif Young / Mitolaj Witlinski / Marek Klassen: 1.5
Billy Garrett: 1.3

Blocks Per Game
Kalif Young: 1.3
Mitolaj Witlinski: 0.5

WLO vs CZS Top Picks

Kyndall Dykes (WLO)
Points: 20
Rebounds: 09
Assists: 02
Steals: 02
Led the team in rebounds in the last game. An option as the Super/Pro Player in the Dream11 Basketball Fantasy scenario.

Marek Klassen (CZS)
Points: 13
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 12
Led his team in assists in the last game.

Jonah Matthews (WLO)
Points: 23
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 02
Steals: 02
Led his team in points during the last game.

Beau Beech (CZS)
Points: 25
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 00
Steals: 01
Led his team in points during the last match.

Luke Petrasek (WLO)
Points: 14
Rebounds: 08
Assists: 00

Bartosz Jankowski (CZS)
Points: 14
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 05
Steals: 01
Led his team three-pointers with four.

James Bell (WLO)
Points: 11
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 00
Steals; 02

Kalif Young (CZS)
Points: 12
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 01
Steals: 03
Blocks: 01
Led his team in steals during the last game.

Kamil Laczysnki (WLO)
Points: 10
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 05
Steals: 03
Led his team in steals during the last match.

Jakub Musial (CZS)
Points: 08
Rebounds: 02
Assists: 00

Alex Oleskinski
Points: 05
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 00

Dawid Slupinski (CZS)
Points: 04
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 01
Blocks: 01

WLO Top Picks | Wloclawek Starting Five

PF: Rafal Komenda
SF: James Bell
C: Luka Petrasek
SG: Kyndall Dykes
PG: Kamil Lacyznski
Bench: Ivan Almeida, Alex Olesinski, Jonah Matthews, Kavel Bigby-Williams, Sebastian Kowalczyk, Marcin Woroniecki, Szymon Szewczyk , Maciej Bojanowski.

Wloclawek News

Wloclawek Squad: Kyndall Dykes, Ivan Almeida, Rafal Komenda, Kamil Lacyznski, Syzmon Szewczyk, James Bell, Luka Petrasek, Alex Olesinski, Jonah Matthews, Kavel Bigby-Williams, Sebastian Kowalczyk, Marcin Woroniecki, Maciej Bojanowski.

CZS Top Picks | Czarni Slupsk Group

PF: Beau Beech
SF: Kalif Young
C: Mikolaj Witlinski
SG: Billy Garrett
PG: Marek Klassen

Bench: Mikolaj Witlinski, Adrian Kordalski, Blazej Kulikowski, Jakub Musial, Przemsylaw Szczepanek, Dawid Slupinski.

Czarni Slupsk Group News

Czarni Slupsk Squad: Adrian Kordalski, Jakub Musial, Dawid Slupinski, Billy Garrett, Blazej Kulikowski, Mikolaj Witlinski, Beau Beech, Marek Klassen, Maciej Kucharek, Przemsylaw Szczepanek, Kalif Young.

Watch Wloclawek vs Czarni Slupsk Live Score And Streaming

No channel will live stream the games but the score can be seen on

List of Channels to watch Wloclawek vs Czarni Slupsk Match

None. No official streaming in India.

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