WWE Rumors: Ronda Rousey expected to show up on Monday Night Raw.

Updated on: Mar 5, 2018 11:58 am IST

What’s brewing?

The rumor mills have been abuzz about Ronda Rousey expected show-up in this week’s Monday Night Raw as per reports from PWInsider.

The heart of the matter

The issue between Rousey and the McMahon’s first escalated when Rousey and The Rock had a heated altercation in the 31st edition of Wrestlemania. Rousey who made his debut as a WWE Superstar signed her WWE contract at the Elimination Chamber Payperview laid a vicious attack on Triple H before being slapped by Stephanie.

The situation between Rousey and Stephanie further escalated when Kurt Angle, RAW GM stoked the flames by revealing comments made by Triple H behind Rousey’s back. Rousey reacted by putting THE GAME on the table.

Following the altercation, Rousey took to social media to remind Stephanie and Triple H that “This is far from over” hinting a possible retribution for their actions in the forseable future.

The Olympic gold medalist was confronted with a visibly angered Rousey when Triple H landed a cheap shot on Angle and expect things to flare up if the former UFC Bantamweight Champion shows up Monday Night.

Our Take:

The storyline between McMahon and Rousey is expected to be an encore of the memorable feud between Austin and Vince McMahon of the Attitude Era and we can expect intense physical altercations in the forthcoming weeks leading into Wrestlemania 34.

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