October 17, 2018
| On 8 months ago

India not playing Pakistan is hypocrisy: PCB chairman

By Chaitanya Laxman

Newly appointed Pakistan cricket board chairman Ehsan Mani feels that BCCI refusing to play bilateral series against Pakistan is hypocrisy. And he also believes that Indian public want to see India versus Pakistan cricket matches.

A lot of hypocrisy in BCCI’s stand: Mani

BCCI has refused to play any bilateral series against Pakistan due to the complicated relations both nations have with each other. BCCI claims that the Indian government won’t allow BCCI to play a bilateral series with Pakistan. However India does play against Pakistan in ICC events

Pointing towards this issue, the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman said that there is a lot of hypocrisy at the moment. He noted that India plays an ICC event against Pakistan but doesn’t play a bilateral series. And he thinks that this is something that they need to address.

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Sporting events are the best way to improve relations between countries feels Mani

Mani also said that the main thing is that India and Pakistan play cricket against each other. And according to him, when the two nations play cricket, especially in their countries – when Pakistan goes to India or when India comes to Pakistan, it helps in increasing people-to-people contact. He also noted that Indian fans come to Pakistan and lakhs of fans have come to Pakistan from India and everyone goes back happy.

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The PCB chief observed that there is no better way to improve the relations between countries than having sporting contacts, cultural contacts.

We are not going to beg to India to play with us: Mani

At the same time, Mani made it clear that he doesn’t intend to ask India to play Pakistan at all. He said that if India want to play then they tell them and if they don’t want to play the that’s fine.

He explained that Pakistan is not going to go after India and they are not going to beg them. He feels that it is good for the game if India-Pakistan play each other but he clears that it will be on equal terms.

Chaitanya Laxman