October 10, 2018
| On 8 months ago

Even players like Lara failed to win Test series in India

By Chaitanya Laxman

Windies captain Jason Holder has responded strongly to the criticism which the Windies team is receiving courtesy of their massive defeat against India in the first Test.

Even players like Lara failed, points out Holder

Windies succumbed to their second largest defeat ever in Tests at Rajkot and several former cricketers and analysts criticised the team for their poor performance.

Image credits @ CWI Media/Randy Brooks

When asked about it, the Windies skipper said that they are playing the No.1 team, India, in their backyard. And he reminded  that Windies haven’t won a Test match here since 1994.

He also observed that Brian Lara and these greats have been playing all that time and still Windies failed to win a series in the past.

No point worrying about what others have to say: Holder

Holder stated that everyone is entitled to their opinion and he just focuses primarily on what he has to do and what the team has to do. He noted that there’s no point worrying about what people have to say because people will always have to say something or the other.

The pace bowler also believes that the only way Windies can silence the critics, or try to silence them is by playing cricket.

Holder feels people are unnecessarily harsh towards Windies

He added that a lot has been said about this Windies team in particular and admitted that he is not in agreement with these things.

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Holder noted that they have beaten top sides in the last two-three series they have played. He also accepted that they probably haven’t won as many series as they would like but he reminded that within the last year,they have won two out of four or five series they have played. So he doesn’t understand why people would be this harsh towards Windies.

Chaitanya Laxman