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Bhuvi won’t make ODI side on merit: Manjrekar

By Chaitanya Laxman

Former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has revealed that he is not enjoying Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s bowling in recent times and has also said that the fast bowler’s approach worries him. Manjrekar also feels that Khaleel Ahmed can become what Mustafizur Rehman is for Bangladesh.

Not enjoying Bhuvi’s bowling in recent times: Manjrekar

In a column written for an online cricket portal, Manjrekar feels that barring Bumrah, none of the other Indian bowlers will walk into a One-Day side on merit. He admits that Bhuvneshwar until recently would have done, but he is not quite enjoying the Bhuvneshwar we have been seeing of late in 50-overs cricket.

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Manjrekar acknowledges Bhuvi’s recent injury and its after-effects, but he admits that Bhuvneshwar’s approach bothers him. He noted that everyone knows the white ball does not swing much, but he feels that it does not mean Bhuvneshwar should become a “hit the deck” bowler, delivering short of length most of the time. Manjrekar pointed out that in his recent comeback matches against West Indies, that’s what he did.

Bhuvi’s ODI career might not blossom too much: Manjrekar

Manjrekar also fears that with this approach Bhuvi’s ODI career might not blossom too much and this would be such a shame, as he believes Bhuvneshwar is so earnest as a cricketer, whether batting or bowling – the kind of player every captain wants in his side.

He added that Bhuvneshwar is not that versatile a bowler, so he has no choice: to survive and thrive, he has to remain essentially a swing bowler who keeps the ball up.

Manjrekar impressed with Khaleel

Speaking about young Khaleel Ahmed, Manjrekar said that left-arm seamer is in itself an advantage: he brings variation to the Indian attack just by turning up.

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He admitted that until that Mumbai game against Windies, he was looking for what Khaleel’s X-factor might be. He was generally bowling in the 130s, and apart from the off-cutter as a slower ball, there didn’t seem to be anything he had as a weapon to be successful.

He believed that he could become like Mustafizur Rehman of Bangladesh, use that offcutting slower delivery regularly to make an impact in 50-overs cricket. But Manjrekar says that Khaleel has another advantage as he can swing the ball both ways which he terms a sight for sore eyes.

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