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| On Sep 1, 2021 10:41 AM IST

Ludo King Hack: Mind tricks to win everytime


Ludo King Hack – Ludo is one such game that we all have played in our childhood. Now with the advancement in technology, everyone is playing it on devices with even those friends who are sitting in another city or country. All of us at least once had a thought that is there any Ludo king hack applying which we can always win the game? So, let’s see some mind tricks which can increase your chances of winning.

Ludo King Hack

1. Predicting the opponent steps

The most efficient way of ensuring your win at any game is to read the mind of the opponent. Observe the initial few steps of the opponent to find out his style of playing, then you can easily predict his steps. He will either be playing defensive or aggressive, which means he will either be focused on his winning or your losing. Find this out and you can predict his next move easily.

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2. The most useful ludo king hack – Be patient

Ludo is a fun game but at the same time, it is a strategic game also. Your strategic skills get sharpened while playing the game. You learn the importance of patience in-game, whenever you are at the safe house never risk your token. Move it only when you are either getting to another safe house or the opponent is not chasing you. This trick of being patient is even more important when you are near to the last tile.

3. Try to open all four tokens soon

Another trick to increase your chances of winning the game is to open all four tokens as soon as possible. This is important because the more options you have for running the token more efficiently you will play. Just suppose your only open token is at a safe house and the opponent is chasing you and you got one. In that case, having another token will surely help you to remain strong in the game. Interested in knowing it’s history then visit – Ludo Rules: History, Ludo Game Rules, How to Play Ludo Online, Best Ludo Game, Ludo King for PC