Best IPL Players: Who is the GOAT of Indian Premier League?

Updated on: Mar 14, 2022 10:58 am IST

Best Ipl players

In 14 seasons of IPL, a lot of players have left a lasting legacy of their own in the IPL history.

Best IPL Players

Let’s take some of the best IPL players who have made the biggest impact.

1. Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga is one of the best bowlers in IPL history. He has 4 IPL trophies under his name and all of them while playing for Mumbai Indians. He has phenomenal record at this level.

IPL matches Wickets Average Economy rate Strike rate
122 170 19 7.1 16.6

2. Chris Gayle

It is fair to say that Chris Gayle is the one who revolutionized the T20 cricket and not only the IPL. The consistency with which he demolished the opposition teams makes him one of the best players of IPL.

IPL matches Runs Average Strike rate Wickets
142 4965 39 148 18

3. AB de Villiers

Mr.360, often called by fans, AB de Villiers is one of the most dynamic batsman in the history of IPL. There is no batsman who is as versatile as this legend.

IPL matches Runs Average Strike rate 50s
184 5162 39 151 40

4. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is called as Mr. IPL for a reason. The consistency with which he mustered runs right from the very first season of IPL is an extraordinary achievement. He is easily the best Indian batsman in IPL history so far.

Most centuries in IPL

IPL matches Runs Average Strike rate Wickets
205 5528 32 136 25

5. Harbhajan Singh

It is not an easy job to survive as a finger spinner in T20 cricket let alone having fantastic records with it, Harbhajan Singh is one such bowler who has magnificent records as a mere finger spinner with no mystery added.

Highest strike rate in IPL

IPL matches Wickets Average Economy rate Strike rate
163 150 26 7 22


Some of the other best IPL players

Players IPL matches Runs Wickets
MS Dhoni 220 4746 Nil
David Warner 150 5449 Nil
Virat Kohli 207 6283 4
Rohit Sharma 213 5611 15
Amit Mishra 154 362 166
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 132 217 142
Shane Watson 145 3874 92
Dwayne Bravo 151 1537 167
Kieron Pollard 178 3268 65
Jasprit Bumrah 106 56 130


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