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Don’t cry, it’s just a wicket. The wicket trends – Best Tweets on Cricket Twitter


The Don’t cry trend: Twitter is  one of the finest platforms for sports banter. From controversial takes, to unique player statistics. However, sometimes it winds back the clock for every good/bad memory about a particular game.

This time it’s the “Don’t cry, it’s just a wicket” trend which has kept cricketing fans busy. It all started with the official handle of Star Sports posting a picture of MS Dhoni getting run out in the semi finals versus New Zealand in the ICC Cricket World Cup of 2019. They also came up with a witty yet heart breaking caption.

At one stage, it seemed like India could possibly get the win  with MS Dhoni going strong. However a wonderous throw to the stumps by Martin Guptill led to a lot of broken hearts. as New Zealand advanced into the finals.

Another post by a user showed the Pandya brothers’ rush of emotions after Krunal scored a fifty on his ODI debut and dedicated it to his late father.

The “Don’t cry, it’s just a wicket” fever

Taking note from Star Sports, other cricket fans also chipped in on Twitter through their own manner. One of the users posted a picture of Sachin Tendulkar getting dismissed versus Australia in the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 which sealed the fate for the Men in Blue.

The other posted pictures of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma getting out for just a run each against New Zealand in the semi final.

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Meanwhile, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) official Twitter account also had their say, but with a different catch this time around. The Franchise posted pictures of their newly launched CSK jersey’ for IPL 2021.

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In spite of  some of the disappointments in the past, Team India has been nothing short but authoritative against visitors England. They started off with a 3-1 win in the Test series, followed by a 3-2 win in T20Is. India now have a 1-0 in the ODI series as well, and another win for them should seal the deal for them. As a result of the recent performances, Indian cricket fans have been quite enthusiastic in recent times.

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