October 6, 2018
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Watch: Jadeja’s freak run out stuns Kohli and Ashwin

By Chaitanya Laxman

Ravindra Jadeja is hailed as one of the best fielders in the Indian cricket team. However he too has moments where he makes an error in judgement. One such instance happened on day two of the first Test between India and West Indies and it almost deprived India of a wicket. But Jadeja somehow completed the run-out in a bizarre fashion that left his team mates amused.

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Shimron Hetmyer run out in comical fashion

The incident occurred during the 12th over of the West Indies innings. Shimron Hetmyer whipped Ashwin’s delivery towards mid-on and thought about a single.

Sunil Ambris from the no-striker’s end responded positively and set off for the single. However Hetmyer saw Jadeja fielding the ball and turned back. Ambris though wanted the single and he too ran towards the striker’s end. Both batsman ran to the same end which made Jadeja feel that he can inflict the run-out with ease.

So the Indian cricketer instead of throwing the ball to Ashwin decided to run to the stumps and whip the balls off. However he ran too casually which gave Hetmyer some time to try for a final dash. Jadeja realised Hetmyer’s intentions and in utter chaos threw the ball on the stumps from about three yards.

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Ashwin and Kohli were shocked to see Jadeja’s throw but eventually Indian players had a laugh as Hetmyer was run-out.

Watch Jadeja inflicting a freak run-out that stuns Ashwin and Kohli

Jadeja admits he didn’t think Hetmyer would give so much of effort

Speaking about the run-out, The Indian cricketer said that he did not think Hetmyer would give so much of effort, in that heat he would do that. The left-hander admitted that he was relaxed thinking that he would complete the run-out normally but his effort was good. He literally did not think he would put in so much of an effort and would be run-out by 3-4 metres. He added that he was sure that he won’t run and he had it in mind to clip the bails off comfortably.

Chaitanya Laxman