Cricket Betting Tips
| On May 19, 2021 7:20 PM IST

The popularity of Sports Betting in India


It is without a doubt that Indian loves sports. Some of the dominant sports in India are cricket, football, wrestling, and tennis. The interest in sports of many Indians has enticed a lot of betting sites to accept Indian bettors. There are many betting options for Indian players, including national and international sporting events. The rise of online casinos and sportsbooks makes it possible for every Indian bettor to participate in sports betting activities. However, more than the craving for gambling, it is the love for sports that entice many Indians to participate in sports betting.


What are the available legal options for Indian bettors?

Indians have been betting on sporting events for many decades now. The move of the Indian government to legalize sports gambling has enticed a lot of sports bettors to turn to sportsbooks to place wagers. Gone are the days when they have to sacrifice their safety by placing bets on illegal sportsbooks.

The eagerness of Indians to participate in sports betting is one of the reasons why the Indian government was willing to open the doors for Indians to legalize sports gambling. The increasing number of Indians participating in illegal gambling activity is caused by the government’s decision to prohibit sports betting. To somehow prevent Indians from engaging in illegal gambling activities, the practical solution is to regulate specific sportsbooks giving them licenses and registration so they can offer sports betting to Indians without breaking any laws, which is beneficial to both gamblers and sportsbook operators.


Online casinos continue to thrive amid pandemic.

Since the start of the pandemic and the world turns into a lockdown mode, major businesses have shut down. One of the industries that is sorely affected is gambling, specifically land-based gambling facilities. While everyone is mandated to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus, traditional casino players think of ways to keep themselves entertained while at home. So, they shifted from land-based casinos to online casinos, and the majority of these casinos have an excellent sportsbook portfolio.

There comes a time when sporting activities were also canceled because of the pandemic. However, e-sports continue to thrive because there’s no physical contact on such sports. Sports bettors can freely place their bet on e-sports. Fortunately, today, the majority of sports, especially the ones included in the sports betting section, are now slowly coming back. Through online sports betting sites, sports bettors can easily participate in such events right in the comfort of their homes.


A variety of excellent options

The growing popularity of sports betting in India has enticed many online gambling platforms to accept Indian players. Indian players now have a wide array of choices in placing their bets. However, you have to be wary when making your choice and ensure you deal only with a licensed gambling site. Place your bet only at a licensed sportsbook as such gives the security and information you need to secure your bet. They will provide all the necessary information and analysis that you can use to place your bet.

A licensed sports betting platform ensures that your safety is well-taken care of without compromising the overall gaming experience. Moreover, it provides a wide array of sport, great bonuses and promotions, and an exceptional payout rate. It is without a doubt that sportsbook is a big thing in India and the rest of the world. The key to a successful sports betting experience is to choose the best sports betting site.