5 embarrassing cricket records held by team India

Updated on: Dec 1, 2022 11:03 am IST

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    Cricket Records: Here’s a list of the top 5 most embarrassing records held by the Indian Cricket Team which no Indian cricket fan will be particularly proud of. 

    Here are 5 embarrassing cricket records held by team India

    Maximum losses in ODIs – 423 times

    Indian cricket has been among the most successful ODI sides since the 2015 World Cup, with a 70% winning percentage. By winning bilateral series against numerous nations, like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, etc., they have risen to glory. However, this cannot entirely conceal Indian cricket’s historical shortcomings. In ODI history, the Indian side has suffered losses the most (423 times in 987 matches).

    Maximum number of extras in a Test inning – 76

    Any India-Pakistan game is destined to grab eyeballs. Therefore, the Test match held at the the Chinnaswamy stadium was watched by millions of Indian fans. However, to their dismay, the Indians made an unwanted record during the course of Pakistan’s first innings. 15 no-balls were among the 76 extras that the Indian bowlers gave away. That amount is particularly appealing since it is the most runs a team has allowed in an inning of a Test game in the form of extra bases. That record will not make the Indian bowling unit or its supporters proud.

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