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| On Aug 26, 2021 1:19 PM IST

ENG vs IND Live, 3rd Test: Sunil Gavaskar shuts down Nasser Hussain over ‘previous Indian generations got bullied’ comment


England and India over the years have matched each other blow for blow. Whenever the two cricketing heavyweights have clashed there has been no shortage of entertainment. In the ongoing series between the nations, the competition between bat and ball has been evenly poised. Also, both the nations exchanging words with each other have made the Test series even more exciting.

Nasser Hussain’s statement

The second Test match between England and India at Lord’s was an incredible game of cricket. Be it a great batting display, sensational bowling performance or verbal spat between the players, the second Test was host to everything.

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After James Anderson said something to Jasprit Bumrah for bowling short balls to him, skipper Virat Kohli and his men made sure that England had a taste of their own medicine as they sledged every English batsmen in the second innings and then finally went on to win the Test match by 151 runs.

After Team India won the match, former England skipper Nasser Hussain in his column for the Daily Mail lauded the visitors, saying that Virat Kohli is the right man to lead India as all the players including bowlers want an aggressive captain and stated that current Team India will not get bullied as compared to the previous generations.

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ENG vs IND Live: Gavaskar lashes out at Nasser for his comments

Addressing Naseer Hussain’s comments ahead of the start of the third Test match in the commentary box, batting great Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at former English skipper for saying that the previous generation of Indian players was bullied. The 72-year-old then reminded Englishman of all the heroics of the Indian team on English soil during his time. Justifying his comments, Hussain said that he lauded the captaincy style of Virat Kohli and that was what he mentioned in his column.

Here’s the conversation between the duo: 

Gavaskar: “You said this India will not be bullied as perhaps the previous generations would be. (Me) Belonging to the previous generation, could you perhaps enlighten which generation? And what is the exact meaning of bully?”

Hussain: “I just think, the Indian side under the aggression of the past, would have said ‘no no no’. But what Kohli has done is to make them go doubly hard. I saw a little bit of that in Sourav Ganguly’s side and he started that, Virat is continuing with it. Even when Virat was not there, Ajinkya really went hard at the Australians. I just don’t think you want to wake this Indian side up.”

Gavaskar: “But when you say previous generations were bullied, I don’t think so. I’d be very upset if my generation was being talked about as being bullied. If you have a look at the record, in 1971 we won, that was my first tour in England. 1974, we had internal problems so we lost 3-0. 1979, we lost 1-0, it could have been 1-1 if we chased down 438 at the Oval. 1982 we again lost 1-0. In 1986 we won 2-0, we could have won it 3-0. So, I don’t think my generation we were bullied. I don’t think aggression means you have always got to be at the face of the opposition. You can show passion, you can show your commitment towards your team without yelling after each fall of wicket.”

Hussain: “I for one, quite like the way Kohli leads this side. That’s what I wanted to say. That team talk in which he said ‘let’s unleash fire on this English side’ and you could see the fire that they unleashed.”

Gavaskar: “There is no argument in that. The question is saying that the previous generations were bullied. I don’t think this is right.”

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