Haris Rauf Last 10 ODI Matches Performance

Updated on: Sep 2, 2023 2:13 pm IST

Haris Rauf last 10 ODI matches performance

The cricketing world is abuzz with anticipation as Pakistan’s fiery pacer, Haris Rauf, prepares to lock horns with arch-rivals India in the Asia Cup 2023. With his electrifying pace and ability to dismantle the opposition’s batting line-up, Rauf has emerged as a potent force in Pakistan’s bowling arsenal. As the cricketing world eagerly awaits this epic clash, let’s check Haris Rauf Last 10 ODI Matches Performance and his readiness to face the formidable Indian side.

Haris Rauf Last 10 ODI Matches Performance

Bowling Figures Opponent Venue Date
2/16 Nepal Multan 30 Aug 2023
0/48 Afghanistan Hambantota 24 Aug 2023
5/18 Afghanistan Hambantota 22 Aug 2023
1/45 New Zealand Karachi 7 May 2023
2/37 New Zealand Karachi 5 May 2023
4/78 New Zealand Rawalpindi 29 Apr 2023
2/65 New Zealand Rawalpindi 27 Apr 2023
0/41 New Zealand Karachi 13 Jan 2023
1/47 New Zealand Karachi 11 Jan 2023
0/54 New Zealand Karachi 9 Jan 2023

Hailing from Rawalpindi, Haris Rauf’s journey to international cricket is nothing short of a fairy tale. His meteoric rise from a tape-ball cricket sensation to a star in Pakistan’s fast-bowling contingent is a testament to his raw talent and unwavering dedication. Rauf’s electric pace and deadly yorkers have made him a household name among cricket enthusiasts.

Haris Rauf is synonymous with express pace. His ability to consistently breach the 90-mph mark sends shivers down the spines of batsmen worldwide. What sets Rauf apart is his knack for delivering toe-crushing yorkers at will, a skill reminiscent of the greats of the game. These yorkers have not only shattered stumps but also oppositions’ dreams of victory.

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The rivalry between India and Pakistan is not just a cricket match; it’s a spectacle that transcends boundaries and captures the imagination of millions. When these cricketing giants collide, the world watches with bated breath. Haris Rauf, with his blistering pace and wicket-taking prowess, is poised to be the X-factor in this monumental battle.

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