ICC World Cup 2019: Latest on MS Dhoni’s thumb injury and availability against Sri Lanka

Updated on: Jul 5, 2019 4:10 pm IST

Dhoni injured his thumb during match against England

During Team India’s match against England, Dhoni was seen spitting blood while batting and it was later confirmed that the blood was coming from his thumb. Dhoni took hits on his thumb twice in the match, He, in fact, had come out to bat in pain.

The slow-paced innings against the Team England took the center stage, everyone ignored the pain the former captain was going through.


Dhoni spitting out blood goes viral

This picture of Dhoni spitting blood circulated quickly on social media where fans were seen worried about his health. Some doubts were also raised over his availability for India’s final game against Sri Lanka but as for now, there’s nothing to worry about.

Fans come in defense of MSD and  praised him for his dedication


Update given by a source to IANS

Hai toh pahadi, woh yodha hai (he hails from the mountains and is a warrior). After more than 300 ODIs, do you think these little things even bother him? He has an amazing capacity to ignore pain. But more importantly, his finger is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Sources in the team management confirmed that getting hit on the fingers while keeping isn’t something new for Dhoni and these things don’t even affect him anymore.


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