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“It happened in my arms,” Kohli recalls his father’s tragic death

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Kohli calls his father’s death a turning point of his career

Virat Kohli said that after his father’s death, he put aside everything else to realize his dreams and his father’s dreams as well. In a documentary aired on National Geographic in the ‘Mega Icon’ series, Virat Kohli said, “It happened in my arms.”

“But I think I became more focused on what I did after that. I lost the desire of doing anything else and vested my energy into realizing my dream and my father’s dream,” he added.

Kohli recalled that the incident happened in his first season of Ranji Trophy and he had to go out and bat the next day. “It was 3 am in the morning and I was batting overnight. “I was 40 not out so I had to bat the next day as it was a four-day Ranji Trophy match,” Indian skipper said.

He also how he desperately sought help, but because everybody was fast asleep at night, nobody could come to help and by the time the ambulance arrived, his father had already joined the stars.

Kohli’s father Prem was professionally a criminal lawyer in Delhi. He died on December 18, 2006.

Sometimes I don’t even look at the bowler: Kohli

In the show, he also talked about his batting and the way his instincts takes over everything when he is on the field. “Sometimes I go into a state where I do not even look at the bowler. I just focus on the ball and I follow my instinct to a level that I feel like that there is not even a single negative instinct in my body,” he said.

The episode tries to explore if Kohli was born great or he got sculpted into one. Kohli believes that he was ‘meant to be’ what he is today. “It is not something can be created,” he asserted.

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