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PSL winners prize money revealed! How much is it compared to IPL winner prize money?

Ever since the inception of Pakistan Super League in 2015, it is quite natural that the league would be compared with Indian cash-rich league IPL. While quality of cricket has improved in PSL over the years, it still has a long way to go in terms of financial volumes in comparison with IPL.

IPL vs PSL – Prize money comparison

In recently concluded season of Pakistan Super League, Karachi Kings became champions after they beat Lahore Qalandars in the final. The winners Karachi Kings received a prize money of INR 3.75 Cr while Lahore Qalandars got INR 1.5 Cr. A total of INR 7.5 Cr was on offer during the whole PSL season this year.

On the other hand, IPL champions Mumbai Indians received a whopping INR 20 Cr as their rewards. Runners-up Delhi Capitals won INR 12.5 Cr as their winning amount. IPL has decreased these amounts significantly compared to last year but it is still comfortably superior to PSL as we can see.

Apart from this, third and fourth-ranked teams in the IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad took home INR 8.75 Cr each this year while there were no such awards in PSL apart from top 2 teams. Even individual awards in the tournament were far better in IPL.

Clearly, IPL has better structure in terms of their financial strength thanks to India's booming cricket market. Top overseas players have improved the quality of cricket throughout the years. As a result, Indian Premier League is by far the most prolific cricket competition and arguably in top 5 sporting leagues in the world. With the possibility of addition of another two teams from next year, IPL is set to be bigger in every aspect. It will provide opportunities to more number of domestic cricketers and could also proved to be an influence to Indian grassroots cricket.

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