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Virat Kohli shares funny story of travelling without a ticket in bus

The current Indian captain is one of the richest sportspersons in the world and the most influential cricketer without a doubt. The #1 batsman across formats had to work real hard to reach his current stature. His story was a classic rags to riches as he had to struggle all the way through his childhood to make a name for himself in cricket.

He was not born with a silver spoon and faced severe financial crisis before becoming an established cricketer. The passion and hunger he had for the game is unparalleled and has taken him to places which he wouldn’t have even imagined when he started playing cricket.

I never had to confidence to do that- Virat Kohli

The Delhi boy discussed several interesting factors in a recent instagram chat with the Indian football captain in Sunil Chhetri. The celebrities going live in instagram is the latest trend in this lockdown period as they share their interesting stories that makes the fans afloat in this difficult time.

The football veteran asked a cheeky question to Virat Kohli that he ever travelled by bus without a ticket for which Virat Kohli replied

No, I’ve never done all such things. People didn’t take me seriously after looking at my face. Had I told them I’m a staff member I would have got caught. Staff members had a personality to go along with it but we didn’t have that. I once told the conductor I’m a staff member but the conductor asked me such questions that I exited the bus. I’ve never been able to travel without a ticket by lying to the conductor that I’m staff. But I’ve seen other boys do it, they had a different level of confidence and aura

No rest day for Virat Kohli

The fitness freak in Virat Kohli couldn’t resist as the Indian captain has been training in full force in this lockdown period to keep himself ready when the action begins.

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