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Shane Warne’s company takes huge step to help control the Corona situation

Governments across the globe are faced with what seems like the biggest pandemic in decades. The COVID-19 or the novel Corona Virus has become a common talking point of almost any conversation, from the local streets to the Prime Minister’s Office. While most nations around the planet have emphasized on the importance of self-quarantining oneself, the Australian government has gone one step further, requesting help from private companies for the supply of essential medicinal goods. Aussie Prime Minister, Scott Morrison even labelled the pandemic “a once-in-hundred-year type event”.

SevenZeroEight pledges support

The greatest Australian spinner of all time, Shane Warne, came out to help fellow Australians with a truly invigorating gesture. Warne’s gin manufacturing organization, SevenZeroEight is all set to start production of hand sanitizers in lieu of the Prime Minister’s appeal. It is also to be noted that the Western Australian manufacturers have stopped all gin alcohol production in an attempt to make sanitizer production their sole motive.

Shane Warne once again comes to the rescue

“This is a challenging time for Australians and we all need to do what we can to help our healthcare system combat this disease and save lives. I am happy SevenZeroEight has the ability to make this shift and encourage others to do the same” said Warne through a press release. This is also not the first time the Victorian tweaker has come out to help his countrymen. When the devastating Australian bushfire broke out earlier this year, Warne was among the first to help, auctioning off his treasured baggy green. The cap is said to have fetched a sum of 1,007,500 Australian Dollars.

The outbreak of the Corona virus has had a catastrophic impact on world population in general, and the sporting world is no exception. European football has been suspended indefinitely, the IPL postponed and the NBA adjourned till further notice.

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