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Watch: Shikhar Dhawan plays blind folded pillow fight with his son during quarantine days.

Corona virus outbreak has stopped almost all activities going on right now in the world. The period of self-isolation has put a halt around the world and people are avoiding going outside because of COVID-19 scare. Like the rest, even cricketers are now living their life in quarantine. But some of them have found out ways to get themselves engaged.

Dhawan enjoys time with his son

Sitting at home can be fun, says Shikhar Dhawan in his latest Instagram post. The cricketer has found a way to keep himself and his family engaged in a fun activity. Dhawan played ‘Blind Pillow Fight' with his kids.

While some are playing video games, reading books, or doing magic tricks like Shreyas Iyer, Dhawan found himself playing entertaining games with his kids like pillow fight.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “Who said sitting at home can’t be fun?! One must always find ways to spend a good time with the family and entertain themselves.”

He also challenged his buddies in the post and added,

“I also want to nominate @rohitsharma45 @hardikpandya93 @kuldeep_18 and @yuzi_chahal23 for this #BlindPillowFight challenge and do it with your family member, friend or anyone.”

“Instagram fam, you guys can try it too! Tag me and #BlindPillowFight on your posts and stories and I’ll re-share a few! Karke dikhao bhai,” Dhawan added.

Cricketers gets to spend time with family

Some of the leading Indian cricketers like Ishant Sharma shared the importance of being at home.

“At this time you gotta isolate and have #socialdistance #BeThechange ! Ishant posted.”

Whereas Mohammad Shami posted a tick-tock video where he turns into a Dracula.

India’s cricket captain Virat Kohli and his actor wife Anushka Sharma shared a funny photograph which was captioned:

“Self – isolation is helping us love each other in all ways and forms.”

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