Highest centuries in Cricket history

Updated on: Jul 14, 2023 9:42 pm IST

Highest centuries in Cricket history

Scoring a century in cricket is a remarkable achievement that necessitates unwavering determination. It demands dedication, discipline, and unwavering confidence. Although numerous players from various countries have accomplished this feat over the years, there exists a clear distinction between making a single century and consistently achieving this milestone. The cricketers who consistently hit centuries and demonstrate exceptional batting skills hold a special position in the sport. Now, let us delve into the cricketers who have amassed the Highest centuries in Cricket history.

Highest centuries in Cricket history

Player Matches Innings 100s
S Tendulkar (IND) 664 782 100
V Kohli (IND) 496 554 75
R Ponting (AUS) 560 668 71
K Sangakkara (SL) 594 666 63
J Kallis (SA) 519 617 62
H Amla (SA) 349 437 55
M Jayawardene (SL) 652 725 54
B Lara (WI) 430 521 53
R Dravid (IND) 509 605 48
AB DE Villiers 420 484 47

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary Indian cricketer fondly known as the “Little Master,” holds an exceptional and unbroken record for scoring the highest number of centuries across all formats. In Test matches, he has an astounding 51 centuries, while in One Day Internationals (ODIs), he has amassed 49 centuries, bringing his overall tally to an incredible 100 centuries. From 1989 to 2013, spanning across 782 innings in Test matches, ODIs, and T20Is, Tendulkar accumulated a staggering total of 34,357 runs, establishing himself as the highest run-scorer in the history of cricket.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, an exceptional player of our time, currently holds the second position on the list of players with the most centuries in all formats. His extraordinary performance boasts an impressive total of 75 centuries across different formats, including 46 in ODIs, 28 in Tests, and 1 in T20Is. With his incredible batting skills, Virat emerges as a strong contender to surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 centuries. Moreover, he has amassed a remarkable tally of 25,268 runs in 554 innings, maintaining an outstanding average of 53.53. Virat’s batting prowess continues to inspire awe among fans and experts alike.

Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, the highly regarded former captain of Australia, occupies a prestigious third spot when it comes to scoring the highest number of centuries across all formats of cricket. With an exceptional record of 71 centuries, Ponting achieved this remarkable feat in 668 innings. Alongside his extraordinary century tally, the legendary Australian batsman has amassed a total of 27,583 runs, which includes an impressive count of 146 fifties. These numbers speak volumes about Ponting’s unwavering consistency and immense skill throughout his illustrious career.

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