What did Virat say to Pujara after the first innings at Southampton

Published on: Sep 2, 2018 1:00 pm IST|Updated on: Sep 2, 2018 1:00 pm IST

On Saturday there was no doubt who the star of the first innings of the 4th Test match was, Cheteshwar Pujara. He scored a 132 not out against England during the first innings. This did get the attention of captain Kohli.

During an interview with BCCI.TV, Kohli said that This was by far his best knock that Kohli had ever seen. Till now Kohli believed Pujara’s top score was in Colombo 2016 but his performance during the first innings topped that.

Pujara was also present during the interview and continued the talk on his Colombo situation. Pujara explained that the Colombo situation was hard but this series is way more challenging than that. The series has become a bit more balanced now. Being in a commanding position, all they need to do now is bowl well. Do that right and they could win easily, Pujara said.


Captain Kohli also praised the tail-enders. Their determination is what got India the lead. Kohli said that when they were batting they felt like they could have a good 100 plus run lead. But unfortunately the team collapsed but the tail-enders showed great determination and performed outstandingly.

Pujara was also quick to compliment the tail-enders. The batting by Ishant and Bumrah was brilliant and Puraja was really pleased. Pujara also commented on his innings during the Nottingham Test. He said that the Test did help him gain confidence. Pujara also added that the preparation he was doing, he could implement it again in other Test matches.

Kohli ended the interview by saying that even though he was out for 46, he will not disappoint in the second innings. Kohli and Pujara had a good batting partnership and thought they could get a good 150 run lead. But after Kohli was knocked out the rest of the batsmen performed at an average level. Both Kohli and Pujara promised a better performance in the next innings.

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