Cricket Betting Tips

Looking for Cricket Betting Tips? Cricket is the most loved sport in India. There is something for all the age groups in the game. The power of cricket in India is heavenly; the very sport brings out a host of emotions among Indians. In this section, we touch upon free cricket betting tips, online cricket betting and expert free tips on cricket.

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Cricket Betting Tips

Is online cricket betting legal in India?

Gambling laws in India prohibit betting or wagering and any act which is intended to aid or facilitate the same. It also depends on which region you are living in. If you decide to go ahead with betting, understand the risks, and always get to know your local laws on online betting.

There is a host of betting websites that offer cricket betting odds on cricketing tournaments like IPL, BBL, CPL, World Cup etc. If you are new to the online cricket betting, it could be tricky for you to know which website is most reliable. Some of the most reliable ones include Skybet, Betway and Bet365. These cricket bet websites offer different options, offers, and features.

Online cricket betting

When looking for an online cricket betting website, security must be the top priority. Before placing your bets with a bookmaker, you must ensure if the bookmaker keeps the information of the clients confidential and does not deceive you while paying the winnings.

The 2nd most crucial thing to consider is the deposit and withdrawal methods offered by the online bookmaker. You must also research before placing cricket bet with any online bookmaker regarding the variety it is offering. Some bookmakers provide several options other than win, lose, and draw. It could be the top bowler, top batsman, toss winner, the man of the match, in-play betting options or today match prediction.

It is advisable to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up with any online cricket bookmaker.

How to Bet on Cricket?

Once you have selected the online cricket betting website of your choice, it is easy to get down to the business. There is not much left to do as now you have to sign up with the bookmaker of your choice providing your personal details and your payment information. Almost every online bookmaker has a free and easy registration process. Once you have signed up, you need to deposit to your account which you would be using to place your bets later. e-wallets payments are relatively safer compared to debit or credit cards for security purposes. After logging into your account, you will get the full list of the betting odds for the listed matches. You could use IndiaFantasy expert free tips for assistance.

What is Cricket Betting Odds?

Online cricketing betting tips help you with what cricket betting odds cricket betting app offers and what do they mean. At first glance, they might seem complicated, but once you get the grasp of them, you could become a successful bettor in the long term.

Cricket Betting Odds: It is merely a chance or probability of the occurrence of a result/outcome. It provides you with an idea about the outcome of your wager.
Example: If India is playing Pakistan and the odds for India to the win the game is 1.80, then you could find the chances of India winning the match by using this formula:
Probability: 1/Decimal Odds
In this case, which would be – 1/1.80 = 0.5555, i.e. 55.55%

How Cricket Betting Odds work?

If you are placing a bet on a particular game and you want to know how much you would win on the given odds, you could calculate it by the given formula: Your Winnings/Profits = (your stake*odds - your stake) Using the example given above, if you have placed a 100 INR bet on India against Pakistan on the odds of 1.80, your total payout if India wins will be 100*1.8 = 180 INR Your Profits = (100*1.8 – 100) = 180 – 100 = 80 INR In case India lose the game, you would lose the 100 INR

Types of Cricket Betting Odds

The betting odds are represented in different patterns. The meaning of those patterns are the same; just the way to represent them is different. You must understand them. The two biggest types of the cricket betting odds are – Decimal Betting Odds and Fractional Betting Odds.

Decimal Betting Odds: It is the modern version of the betting odds and the simplified version as well. In this, you will get the betting odds in the decimals points which will appear something like 1.75. It simply means you will get 1.75 units in return for every single unit wagered. So if you put 100 INR upon the win of India, you will receive 1.75 *100 = 175 INR if India wins.

Fractional Betting Odds: Fractional Betting Odds are a classic representation of the betting odds. It is represented in fractions using (/) between two numbers more like 3/1. It means you will get three units in return for each unit wagered. For example, if the odds for an India win are 3/1 and you place your 100 INR on an India win, you will get 300 INR if India wins.