A Lionel Messi fan paints his entire house in Argentina colours

Updated on: Jun 12, 2018 10:27 am IST

When craziness meets chaos fans are born. If players define the spirit of a game, fans add their tinge of madness to take it to a different level.

Shib Shankar Patra, who hails from West-Bengal is also one such fan who has his own way of showing his fondness for his favourite team Argentina and his favourite player Lionel Messi.

Trying to save enough from his earnings through a tea stall, Patra harboured a dream of watching ‘The Albiceleste’ live from the stands in Russia.

But when he went to a travel agent with his savings of Rs 60,000, he informed the tea-stall owner that he would at least need a budget of 1.5 lakh to fund his World Cup trip, thus he decided to utilize his savings by painting his entire three-storied building in Argentina colours.

The street leading up to his tea stall is dotted with Argentina flags while a giant one flying high making its presence felt.

All the walls are painted in Argentina colours, even where the idols of Gods and Goddesses are placed also reflect his fandom for Messi.

Image Credit @PTI

The walls of each room adorn a life-size vinyl flex print poster of Messi.

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Since  2012, the Patra family celebrates Messi’s birthday by cutting cakes and organizing blood donation camp in their area and teas and samosas are complimentary on all Argentina match days.

This year they have decided to celebrate Messi’s birthday by offering prayers for Messi with the priest of the local Hanuman temple who would be offering special prayers for the Argentine wizard.

“He gets me the ‘sindoor’ from Hanuman’s left leg (the connection is Messi being a left-footed player) and then it is applied on Messi’s poster during every match. We hope he lifts the Cup this time,” Patra said.

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