Twitterati troll Germany and Brazil over bizarre performances

Updated on: Jun 19, 2018 1:17 pm IST

Just after a day when Germany and Brazil failed to register their victory in their opening matches, the social media giant twitter started getting the violent reactions of the fans. It was Germany vs. Mexico and Brazil vs. Switzerland where Brazil got a draw and Germany lost the match, but this time people started praising Mexico rather cursing Germany, for Brazil they have got lots of criticism of their performances. That was a nightmare for the two teams as they began their world cup campaign without winning it and even worse for Germany. It was a shock to the German fans because Mexico can win the game by more than 1-0 scoreline it stayed out of their reach because of their reliable goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. So here are the social media reactions on the Germany vs. Mexico.


This is how people reacted on sluggish Germany over their bizarre performance against Mexico. Now it’s time to haul the reactions of people on Brazilian squad.



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