Uruguay vs Portugal – A heartbreaking moment for Cristiano Ronaldo as he also waves goodbye to the World Cup

Updated on: Jul 1, 2018 11:50 am IST

Uruguay vs Portugal

This day might have started in excitement for all football fans across the world because both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who had been tasked with the greatest duty of their life, to take their country to the quarter finals. And what might have been one of the most memorable games of all times, Cristiano Ronaldo led Portugal bringing the fight to Lionel Messi’s Argentina would have been equally equivalent of the world cup finale will always remain a wish forever. However, Cristiano and Lionel would meet again some day but that not necessarily be the world cup as both these legends are believed to have played their last world game and what a shocker of an exit these two had been and that too in one day.

The cries of the fans would be louder but the disappointment in the eyes of these two players had been even more horrible. To stare into the oblivion as it slowly engulfs you, and no matter how much you would try to fight it you just simply can’t is one of the heart wrenching feelings out there. Even being the very best in their business, both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo failed to do what was necessary to take their country a step higher. Perhaps, not all greats can win the world cup.


Kick Off –

The game started with both the teams looking confident on the ground and committed to their jobs. Portugal was slightly shifting the gears from the first five minutes of the game and then from a counter attack, Edinson Cavani played a long ball to Luis Suarez on the left flank. He came in doing a stepover and cross the ball curling waiting for Cavani to make contact who followed it up in the Portuguese penalty box. Edinson Cavani makes contact with the ball at the right angle and speed sending the ball to the back of the net in the 7th minute.

Portugal started pressing on more the Uruguyan defense┬ábut Diego Godin and company hed things tight between them and the goal. After trying on several occassions Portual lacked another finisher to find the back of the net as Cristiano Ronaldo was already attended by three players. It was simply not Portugal’s day and the worst of all was that day was this day. Since 1966, Portgual never won a world cup match in a knockout stage and that’s the question perhaps, the Portguese fans had been asking themselves, if history are to be repeated in this game as well.

Second Half –

Both the teams looked focussed in the second half as they knew that one goal lead possess not that much of a threat against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo. Uruguay was about to start to pushing the Portuguese defenders but a counter attack led to a corner and from Raphael Guerreriro assist found Pepe’s head and rolled up in the back of Uruguay’s net. The score stayed same seven minutes as once again Edinson Cavani from a Bentacur assist finishess off the second goal in style. Taking the score to Uruguay 2-1Portugal. With the second goal, it was certain that Portugal could also say goodbye to their world cup dream.

The game carried on with Portugal looking for another crack in the corner but their waves after waves of attack were contained and eventually the ninety minutes with four minutes of stoppage time. The game ended Uruguay 2-1 Portugal.

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