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June 22, 2018
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FIFA World Cup 2018: Coutinho, Neymar ousts Costa Rica out of the tournament by 2-0

By Rajsi Swaroop

Venue: Saint Petersburg Stadium

Image Courtesy: @FIFA

Brazil     –     Costa Rica

2        –           0

Ball possession

Brazil      –  Costa Rica

72%    –     28%

Brazil     – Starting XI (4-3-3)

Alisson, Fagner, T.Silva, Miranda, Marcelo, Pualinho, Casemiro, P.Coutinho, Willian, G.Jesus, Neymar

Image Courtesy: @Reuters

Costa Rica – Starting XI (3-4-2-1)

K.Navas, O.Duarte, G.Gonzalez, J.Acosta, B.Oviedo, D.Guzman, C.Borges, C.Gamboa, B.Ruiz, J.Venegas, M.Urena

Image Courtesy: @Reuters

Story before the match

Brazil has proven his hegemony over Costa Rica as they have won nine out of ten previous fixtures against Costa Rica while losing just a friendly game in March 1960, Including the fact that Brazil has been meeting Costa Rica third time at the World Cup. Costa Rican most recently won against South American opposition, it was against Uruguay (3-1) in 2014. From the previous year, it can be seen as Costa Rican’s were not looking in their colour as they have got beaten back-to-back in the World Cup finals since 2006.

First Half: It has been a Goal-less affair

Image Courtesy: @Reuters

This half ended up as a goal-less affair which wasn’t expected from a win craving Brazil and Costa Rica. Brazilians have got the possession with 68% still they didn’t make it. The aggression was so much there that the Brazilian star forward Neymar had six touches on the opponent’s box more than any other player on the ground. Even the Manchester City’s striker Gabriel Jesus has had fewer touches than any other player. Brazil tried their luck and hit seven shots, but none of them worked.

Stats of the First Half

Brazil                                             Costa Rica

7                      Shots                                   3

1                      Shots On-target               0

68%                 Possession                       32%

6                      Fouls                                    9

1                     Corner                                  0

0                      Yellow card                      0

Second half: Coutinho brings glory to the home side

Image Courtesy: @Reuters

The match was about to go into the laps of Brazil but their lad Neymar missed it which makes him depressed too. Fans were waiting to cherish the victory, but it has become a failed attempt. Minutes after Neymar claimed a penalty, but VAR also ignored that. In this match, Philippe Coutinho created three chances to score which was more than any other player in the game. Even on the other side, Costa Rican hasn’t shot a single shot while Brazilians attempted 16. Tite was making his efforts to take charge, he replaced Douglas Costa, Paulinho with William, Roberto Firmino but later on Philippe Coutinho has done it all. At the 90+1 it was perfectly flighted by Marcelo to Jesus, but it was a baggy attempt by him which falls perfectly for Philippe Coutinho and yes this one is for Brazil. Now the scoreline is 1-0 in favour of the yellow army. Later on, Neymar being Neymar scored another beauty for Brazil which makes it 2-0 and the game ended with the pride earned by Brazil.

Brazil                                          Costa Rica

22                    Shots                           3      

10                    Shots On-target       0

72%                 Possession              28%

11                    Fouls                           11

9                    Corner                         1

2                    Yellow card                1    

The scenario of Group E- 

Brazil is now leading the pack with 4 points followed by Serbia with 4 points, Switzerland 1 point and Costa Rica 0 points. The scenario simply not completely in favour of Brazil, they are leading the group but the next clash between Serbia and Switzerland will change the equation for them to climb easily towards the round of 16.

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