Who is the Best Goalkeeper in the World

Updated on: Jun 22, 2022 8:08 pm IST

best goalkeepers in the world

Goalkeepers are the backbone of a football team. They set the start line and the last line of defense.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of top 10 best goalkeepers in the history of the game based on the save percentage

Player Nationality Matches Save Percentage
Gianluigi Buffon Italy 1113 0.768%
IkerCassilas Spain 1049 0.756%
PetrCech Czech Republic 907 0.780%
Edwin Van Der Sar Holland 951 0.798%
Peter Schmeichel Denmark 637 0.769%
Manuel Neuer Germany 808 0.755%
Jan Oblak Slovenia 465 0.756%
Allison Becker Brazil 308 0.749%
Marc-Andre`terStegen Germany 510 0.713%
Ederson Brazil 343 0.701%


1. Gianluigi Buffon

Gigi Buffon is undoubtedly the best goalkeeper since 2000s. The 43 year old goalkeeper has played more than 1100 games and has remarkably saved 0.768% of goals.

2. Iker Cassilas

Cassilas spent major years of his life playing for Real Madrid. Known for his quick response and excellent shot stopping abilities, Cassilas remains the best goalkeeper of his era.

3. Petr Cêch

Czech International PetrCêch has been recognised as the best goalkeeper in the world by the International Federation of Football History and Statics for his spectacular saves.

4. Edwin Van Der Sar

Critics and fellow players admire Edwin Van Der Sar for his phenomenal performance as a goalkeeper. He set a record of not conceding a goal for 1311 minutes.

5. Peter Schmeichel

One of the greatest goalkeepers in the Premier League, Peter Schmeichel has five premier league titles and a European Championship credited in his name.


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6. Manuel Neuer

The 6’4 German goalkeeper was an important figure in the modernization of goalkeeping. Also regarded as the sweeper-keeper Manuel has a record of saves.

7. Joan Oblak 

He is still the benchmark in goalkeeping. He is the no one shot-stopper in Slovenian and continues to be the one.

8. Allison Becker

The Brazilian player is the most expensive goalkeeper of all times. Out of 308 matches played he has a save rate of 0.749%.

9. Marc-Andre`ter Stegen

Known as Messy with Gloves, he is known for his outstanding ability of stopping a ball. Germany has enjoyed many successful campaigns with his excellent goalkeeping skills.

10. Ederson

Ederson is another name in the list of excellent goalkeepers. He established himself in the premier league and is the goalkeeper who sets the start as well as the last defense line.

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