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| On Oct 17, 2021 12:00 AM IST

How to Hack PUBG Mobile- All You Need To Know


PUBG Mobile Lite game features visually appealing and tempting items like emotes, skins for weapons, outfits, and many more. Players can obtain from the in-game stores or players can get through Winner Pass, which uses Battle Coins or BC. This currency necessitates users to pay real money. However, many players constantly looking for alternative options to get BC for free. Today we are going to tell How to Hack PUBG Mobile Lite for free BC.

How to Hack PUBG Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is a server-based game, and Battle Coins can obtain through purchase. Players can find alternate websites that provide tools for generating Battle Coins. Some websites are scams that usually misleads with advertisements or fraudulent verification. Many of these websites ask for users’ personal information such as account information username and password which, may lead to ban or account deletion. Players must be careful while using these tools which may result in an account ban due to violations of their accounts. Besides allowing you to earn unlimited BC in unique features, such as infinite health and ammunition, during  the gameplay.

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PUBG Lite Download Hack

Hacks are awesome modifications to run on your PC or Android device that changes the PUBG Lite game program to implement cheats. These hacks are implemented through a mod version of clients or mod APK downloads for Android. Generators are the best source of unlimited in-game currency. We would recommend the two best PUBG Mobile Lite generators. These generators, used by people all over the globe, are authentic.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Download Hack

Due to the constant updates of PUBG Mobile Lite, it is nearly impossible to hack the game without getting detected; hence, let’s look at PUBG Lite BC Hack APK. This APK version is a tool/app-based hack that you can use to manipulate the game schematics and earn free battle coins. 

  • First, download the virtual and injector apps for PUBG Lite Hack.
  • Later, download the PUBG Lite app.
  • Open the virtual app and add both PUBG Lite and the injector to it.
  • Open the injector and PUBG Lite apps.
  • You can now play with PUBG Mobile Lite BC hack v.0.18.1.


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