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Super Mario Galaxy 2: All the Details You Need to Know


Super Mario Galaxy 2 : The game is about Yoshi and his adventure in outer space.  Also, the game focused on element of gravity, and recurring objects such as Launch Stars and Sling Stars. Moreover, the game introduces new items like power-ups like rock mushrooms and cloud flowers.

Coming to the story, Princess Peach invites Mario for a cake party. At that time when Star Bits were raining down from skies over the Mushroom Kingdom. However,  Mario finds a Luma, who befriends him and grants him to spin. Meanwhile, Bowser invades and attacks the Mushroom Kingdom. However, Bowser takes Peach and escapes into outer space to create his empire at the center of the universe. Furthermore, Mario meets Lumas and joins up with his companion Yoshi and many other aliens to fight back against Bowser.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gameplay

The gameplay is like the previous Super Mario Galaxy game where Mario travels across many galaxies and planets and collects Power Stars. The stars used to defeat bosses.  However, after the first 120 stars are collected, the number of stars that are available in each galaxy doubles. Furthermore, the latter 120 stars green and  found in tough-to-reach places. After collecting 240 stars, the final galaxy titled the Grandmaster Galaxy is available.  Moreover, Yoshi, a new to the Galaxy series, is found in a variety of stages including Starship Mario. After completion of stages, he will not come back.

Playable characters

  1. Mario
  2. Luigi (unlockable as full character)

List of power-ups/items

  1. Cloud Flower (new)
  2. Rock Mushroom (new)
  3. Spin Drill (new)
  4. Bee Mushroom
  5. Spring Mushroom
  6. Boo Mushroom
  7. Fire Flower
  8. Ice Flower
  9. Starman


  1. Peewee Piranha
  2. Giga Lakitu
  3. Digga-Leg
  4. Gobblegut
  5. Rollodillo
  6. Sorbetti
  7. Glamdozer
  8. Bugaboom
  9. Megahammer
  10. Prince Pikante
  11. Squizzard
  12. Fiery Gobblegut
  13. Boomsday Machine
  14. Whomp King
  15. Dino Piranha
  16. King Kaliente
  17. Major Burrows
  18. Bouldergeist
  19. Fiery Dino Piranha

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