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Top 10 PUBG Players in World


Top 10 PUBG Players in World: The game has increased its popularity throughout the world. Many gamers got the right platform to showcase gaming skills. These players changed the phase of online gaming to the next level. You can find many games on YouTube. These gamers stream their games on their channel, and you can follow them for their playing techniques.

List of Top 10 PUBG Players in World

Here is the list of top PUBG players in the world.

Zuxxy (Indonesia)

Zuxxy is one of the best PUBG players in the world. He is running a YouTube channel for his fans. Zuxxy is an expert in using sniper guns and in-game rotation. He is an unbeatable player in Pochinki.

Real Name: Bagas Pramudita

Team Name: Bigetron RA.

Mobile ID: 542761123

Device Name: iPhone XS Max

Follow him at:

Athena Gaming (South Korea)

Athena Gaming is another strongest player from PUBG mobile. The streamer is well known for FPP/TPP gameplay modes. Live streams and tournaments of this gamer are seen on the YouTube channel. Athena Gaming expert in sniping, close-range combat, and pro gaming skills.

Real Name: Lee Hyeong Seob

Team Name: ROK.ARMY

Mobile ID: 694984807

Device Name: Ipad 0.5 pro

Follow him at:

Coffin (Turkey)

The gameplay is fast, tactical, and close-range combat. He is known as the god of PUBG Mobile. SP-Coffin is a pro game player. He is an expert in playing SOLO vs SQUAD matches.

Real Name: Asim Altan Yucel

Team Name: SapphireMobile ID:510443661

Device Name: iPhone XS Max

Biu Biu- (Malaysia)

Another Pro player “BiuBiu” Jiunn Jie with his accurate M416+4x plays like a god in the game. He is one of the best players on the Asia server. He uses his four fingers and wins all challenges in the game.

Real Name: Kow Jiunn Jie

Team Name: Team Secret Mobile

Mobile ID: 5223109594

Follow him at:


Jonathan is the best PUBG player in India. He is from Maharashtra. He started playing the PUBG game on his iPhone. His nickname is Hacker, and he ranked at 5th position in PMCO Global 2019. He is expendable while playing PUBG Mobile games. When it comes to close-range battles, he is the expert. Previously, Jonathan was a part of one of the world’s top esports organizations- TSM FTX.

  • Favorite PUBG Skill – Glacier , Tools.
  • Net worth – 42 Lakh.
  • Nickname – Hacker , Jonny.
  • PUBG ID – 5112616229
  • YouTube LinkYouTube Channel

Tanmay Singh (Scout)

Tanmay Singh (Scout) well known as Scout, he is a popular name in PUBG gaming. He has 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Tanmay from Gujarat. He played with a gyroscope, and he is the perfect user of M416 with 6X plays like a pro player. Scout has globally recognized as an insane PUBG player.

  • Net Worth – 46 Lakh
  • Other Games That He Play – Dota and Counter Strike Go
  • Career Highest Prize Win – 7,41,304 Rs.
  • PUBG ID – 5144286984

Vivek Aabhas Horo (ClutchGod )

Vivek Aabhas is a 17- year-old prodigy, and he is part of India’s top team SouL and 8 bit. He had an amazing performance and always finished in the second position in the tournament. ClutchGod has more than 300K followers on Instagram and 200K Subscribers on YouTube. Vivek Aabhas is currently playing for TSM Entity.

  • His Total Net Worth – 35,59,019 Rs
  • Age – 24 Year( 2021)
  • PUBG ID – 581112228

SouL Viper

Yash Soni known as SouL Viper represented as best player of PUBG Mobile game from India at global level tournaments along with his SouL Teammates: Mortal, Ronak, and Owai. When the squad struck in a difficult situation, Yash will arrive and help them out. His skills are quite impressive and awesome.


Regaltos is another famous PUBG Mobile player from India. He started his gaming career at the peek stage, and now he surpassed the experienced players. Regaltos’s role is assaulter and in-game leader.


Harpreet Singh ‘RonaK’ acquired Skylightz Gaming for Battlegrounds Mobile India roster, and he is a consistent player throughout various tournaments. His attitude is calm in difficult situations, and he is always helpful to his squad.

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